Monday, January 26, 2009


whenever there is a difficulty,
whenever there is a challenge,
and that is a life..

Whenever there is a path,
whenever there is a way,
and that is a believe..

Whenever there is a hope,
whenever there is a desire,
and that is a journey..

whenever there is a promise,
whenever there is a mistakes,
and that is a love..

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today agak boring..(actually moody)hehe..dunno why la..since last week i've got imbalance hormone..hurmm..must check back with mr.pituitary gland..(mom,is that rite??haha dah lupa la..)and the worst part is i'm craving like after another..4two weeks i crave 4 nasi mamak..then lepas 2 nak mkn pancake..haha..then ari2..ade je air nak minum..jus water la..nasib baik air senang nak today lepas dah penat buat "homework"(hehe)(actually update my business) txt dekat bell and puteri..ajak lepak..xtau nak peg mane..haha..gelak2 (sambil jln) then we all dcide nak mkn kat secret sambil gelak jln peg sana..haha..em sampai sana gelak lag..haha..pape ntah ..tap itulah kitaorang yang sebenarnye..hehe..then masing2 discuss nak mkn ape..i just ordered 2 slices of brownies walnut and cafe latte..bell order cheese cake yg dia dah lame mengidam n puteri pn sama setelah penat dipujuk..hehe..mkn and gelak..haha..tiba2..hujan lebat gle..guess what??kitaorang actually risau 2 perkara..1)nak balik mcm mane??2) nant kek yg nak bwk balik basah(hehe)..and teka ape yg kiteorg buat..each one of us kol our fwen 2 get a lift..haha..lawak gle..sorila..terpaksa susahkan korang2..hehe..and lag best hujan semakin lebat dan lebat dan sangatlah lebat sampaila jam menunjukkan pukul 6.55 ptg..all the workers had their eyes on us..sori ye akak n abang..terpaksa menumpang walaupun dah bayar bill..haha..and at the same time we keep making fon calls 4 a lift..and the results turned zero when we received various reasonssss..hehe..xpe guys,fhm2..lag2 musim tepat pukul 7 kami bersepakat untuk meredah hujan lebat..haha..tap bila kuar tengok dah x hujan sgt..haha, kami meneruskan journey yg boleh dikatakan best..hehe..on the way balik..gelak that is all about the 1 hour and 30 minutes event(memories)..hehe..thnx bell and pu3..c ya!

Friday, January 23, 2009


when u say thank you..
for some reason it hurts..
like a magic spell that doesn't
get undone even after the goodbye..
a hint of bitterness..
the flavour of life..

stuck midpoint between friends and lovers..
like an unriped fruit dreaming about the day of harvest..
bcz of being unable to just move one more step forward..
what's causing this frustration..?

sweet talk and tasteless conversations..
it sparks no interest in me..
even when things do not go the way u want..
it doesn't mean that u've thrown ur life away..

when asked what's wrong?
i answer ' nothing'..
the smile that dissappear after goodbye..
its unlike me..

the more i wish to believe in u..
for some reason it hurts even more..
' i like u a lot' instead of ' i luv u' sounds more like u..
the flavour of life..

the period when u suddenly remember the scent of someone
u had almost forgotten..
i want to be able to be open and honestly cherish the white purity
of the falling snow more..
a future tender and warmer than a diamond
i want to grasp it
in this limited time we have
i want to spent it with u..