Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the matter called "LOVE"

when u're away..
how i wish u could just stay.

when u're here ..
how i wish u wouldnt dissappear.

though we're apart..
u're never discard.

sometimes i feel like heaven.
the moment i'm with u.
my love begins to widen.
as i fall more for u.

do u hear me?
do u feel me?
i wish u were here every morning.
with a kiss , a hug that splash me away.
i feel like i'm flying.
give me back my fantasy.
cause it kills me .
make it reality.
cause it will be.
no sooner.
no tomorrow.
no a day later.
just make it faster.

i wish u are besides me in the night.
sway with me.
laugh with me.
just stay tight.
cause i never wanna miss ur smile.
cause i never wanna miss ur touch.
cause i never wanna miss ur expression.
ur voice inspire me a lot.
ur guidance courage me.
ur love make it more.

dear love,
can i just have u for eternity?