Friday, November 28, 2008

the mysterious WHY

hmm hye buddy..i'm writting this cz i dun get to go to sleep..i planned to dream of my boy but now i can't sleep without knowing i went to washed my face and take out my the same time i'm thinking 4 d answer or maybe answers..huh..dahla esok kna bgn pag..nak peg kl jln2 tenagkan fikiran..haha..em still thinking what to do bsides blogging..know what???i never feel this way..i meant dah lame dah tak rase mcm nie..the best part is i hate to feel like hurts a lot..hurmmm..kalau la awak ader Fad..mesti sume ni takkan terjadi..really miss u..aaaarrrggh..(pls don't ask who is Fad)how do u feel when someone beside u when missing leaving empty signs..where would u find him or her..rite lets not talk about it..oh yeah today i dunno why all the "WHY"seems to be the top question..hurmm today the refrigerator,tv,car and others stuff broke down..and my dad quickly get a new one 4 each of them except 4 the car..hehe..he finally bought
a LCD tv..and that makes us great..and u do know that when one is being changed,mostly everything are to be my mom speaks this out.."there's a lot more to be changed:sofa,tables,chairs and rooms.."everyone did a very good turning towards her and a crowd lough is heard..haha..well this is my house also today both my younger sis and bro did a very good job..dunno why in a big sudden they took a cloth and wet it and wipe all over the u c today which is friday seems to turn into the WHY DAY..HAK3

Thursday, November 27, 2008

chemistry memories.

a whole new life..

Today i just started a whole new life..yeah a new life..feel like just woke up from a death..hehe..what i meant is i just end my pre-war..that is SPM..feel really great!!once we finished our last paper that is EST we were all shouting like hell..and continue with the gathering while i'm in a rush so i go back early..there's an emergency actually..sadly,my plan doesn't really happened..i decided to meet my special 'friend'but things turn out wrongly..its being mutated..hehe..well i went back and tried to text him and there's no response..maybe he's running out of never mind..and here goes my new life..rite g2g..will be updated soon..c ya!!