Saturday, December 26, 2009


you're the only one i put in my life.i never need anyone else like i need you.i really love you and i'll be forever loving're my're my life.i cant describe this feeling here but i'm very sure its indelible.i love you.

deeply loving you,

Friday, November 27, 2009

the return

dear readers,
sorry 4 not updating my blog 4 such a long time.
recently i've something ore important 2 catch up
which determines my life,
i was running,speeding,drift n do evrything i can,
to reach to that golden of our's,
its a full of dreams n hopes,
n i'm working it out,
n i know it is the only mattert that i'm looking forward,
the most imortant thing 4 me rite now n forever,
so dear readers,will catch u guys later k,
will make a come back soon,
see ya!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


firstly,i would like to appologize..a millions of appologize cz dh lama x tulis blog..terlampau buzy..hehe
as u all diberi satu mission yg sgt penting..yes the so called horrible assingment..assingment yg membuatkan sy bekejar ke sana dan ke sini untuk membina reputasi yang baik ..haha..its the bio assingment that i'm talking about..sehari sbelum kami menghantar "kerja" nie ..a lot of things came x bole masuk la..komputer x bole baca la..memangla komputer x bole baca..kena la hantar peg sek dulu. baru bole belajar membace..then komputer x bole mengeja la..mewarna la..melukis la..menaip la..haih..then ade plak masalah hilang document la..hilang information la..haih..dah mcm bank je..kena rompak..haha..dan disebabkan masalh2 yg timbul..konflik antara manusia turut timbul..ahli2 kumpulan,seorang demi seorang mengundur diri dan menyepi..tinggallah dua org makhluk yg bertungkus lumus menyiapkan kerja "KUMPULAN" ..tepat jam 10 mlm kami berdua berlari ke blok atas bukit di mana cyber cafe terletak semata2 untuk burn CD..baik2 dh merancang untuk menunaikan terawih..kena cancel just sebab kerja "kumpulan" nie..hurmm..ape pun thanked god that evrything completed well n successfully received by Pn.Syuriza,our bio tutor lecturer..hope u like it teacher..and thanks 4 all the cooperation n team work (kalo ade) guys..adios..!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


everybody is after me..but the only one i want is YOU.yes, i want YOU!!


since i'm having a term break for two weeks so i guess i'll be having a few hours just for myself as i've spent most of it for others..hehe..well i just hope that everything is smoothly done..few things to be done within this two weeks..

  • Buy a new phone since the one i'm using going to be dead soon.haha..sorry didnt mean to.i'd takecare of u but it seems that u're no longer belong to me..sorry lil in peace ok..haha..the process would be late as my dad dont really agree to buy for he said"no,not at the moment.i'm v busy" yes dad.."busy"..i dont mind pun cz u're answer is usual..haha..but to buy a new one is a must! shall discuss wit mom..
  • prepare something to get side income.i plan to teach people mengaji or mayb kpd budak2 yang memerlukan bantuan perkhidmatan pembelajaran sahaja dan bukan pengajaran silalah ke kaunter saya..hehe..
  • to get my assignment done.this one is a tough one cz for this job ..we need to do animation project..yes,kalo suruh buat kartun then i dont mind..but what i need to do is to transform a few samples of virus into an animation..hurm need to install the software n be done!!-full of craps-
  • to do an advance that when the time comess it would be a revision for me..bijak tak saya??haha..sangat we all know pre-U is the toughest process for the nxt one..u shall struggle so that u'll be easy when u're in U later..bak kata "semua orang" xtau la betul ke every night study..but for maths will hav to think first..hahaha..yang penting bio n chem i shall get it done!!
  • to settle everything that need to be settle.(private and confidential)
  • to help my mom as much as i can.."dear mom,i can see the pain in ur eyes..but stay cool..i'll try my best ok.." "chill..chill" hehe..n she did ask me to create a wishing card for her student..5 was my ex-clas..sangat "rock" ..haha."will do mom :) "
  • to wash my car everyday..haha..yes.. setiap hari..ini kerana mereka2 telah mengotorkan kreta sayang saya..:( sangat kesian.. :( takpe2 cik kereta lepas nie saya cantik2 kan awak ok..setiap hari.. :)
  • to get myself motivated enough..i need to find all the strength back..i need to find all the confidence i had before..i need to find all the patience i had before for the unexpected contingency.".dear god..return me my strenght that i had before..dear god,alwiz keep me in ur me from everything that could harm me."
  • last but not least is to spent more time wit u..yes, u my someone..n my everything..will try my best ok.. :)
so..pls pray that i can get all the stuff done within this two weeks..thank you for all ur support..whatever it is i'll try my best to strive for the perfection..yeah..insyaAllah..i believe that HE knows the best for my life..

Friday, July 17, 2009

today would be yesterday and tomorrow will be today.

today..we stand up here..
leaving the life to the maximum..
tomorrow..we may need to secure..
the right choice of the column..

today..we endeavour in finding something..
grabbing all the possible chance we could ever had..
tomorrow..we may need to search anything..
just to make us feel glad..

today..we run for the truth..
leaving all the others behind or away..
tomorrow..we may need to walk in between..
aiming from being astray..

today..we're fed with desires..
and without any contradiction ..we act towards it..
tomorrow..we may need to keep some..
to strive for the perfection of others..

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ya Allah Ya tuhanku..
hambamu merindukan..
rahmat kasih sayang-Mu..
dan jua keredhaan-Mu..
meskipun ku ulangi..
dosa noda yang menjanjikan..
azab neraka..
namun ku sedari..
keampunan -Mu tidak bertepi..
ku akui diri ini hamba yang mungkir pada janji-janji..
jadikanlah taubat ini yang sejati..
pada-Mu ilahi..
ya Allah..
ampunkanlah dosa2 ku..
Ya Allah..
redha kan lah kehidupanku..
ya Allah..
berikanlah kekuatan dan ketabahan yang pernah Kau berikan padaku..
agar aku sentiasa berada pada jalan -Mu ..

Saturday, June 20, 2009


The only person who can make women cries..
day and night..
seeking for the true love..
is him.

The only person who can make women sigh..
throughout all the days..
hoping for the best..
is him.

The only person who can grab everything..
but impossible to give something..
to the seekers..
is him.

The only person who can create anything..
but impossible to explain something..
even for a single question..
makes the people wonder why..
is him.

The only person who have everything..
but fail to give something..
is also him.

The person who works each and every day..
trying to performing his best..
for the sake of life or maybe lifessss..
is also him.

Its undescribable..its unpredictable..
the actions n all the scenes..
but i'll constantly pray..
to the Almighty..
may u have the wonderful thinking..
to see the truth..
to observe the circles..
to determine the way or maybe ways..
to strive for the perfection..
to run through the history or maybe histories..
to walk through the right ones..
to hold the faith..
and to stand with the unconditional love..
for us..for us..and only us..
i'll pray for the day..
will alwiz..n alwiz..

*happy father's day*

Friday, June 19, 2009


Its alwiz been UR FAULT..yes YOU!! you begin the game n u drag us all there.You drag us to go through the risk of urs..which we never ask for it..WE NEVER ASK FOR IT!!!! I DONT KNOW FOR WHAT REASON THAT U HAVE TO PICK A LIFE LIKE THIS..i totally dont mind BUT YOU FORCE US TO INVOLVE TOO..WTH????? n for the first time u did ur first abusement n i really thanked for now people would say that i'm grateful enough since all this while i was not(mengikut kata2 mereka).So thank you..millions of thank you!! go ahead wit what u're doin but for all u know i'm praying hard for the best of us.i pray that anda akan dijumpakan ke jalan yang benar..come back..for her n the others...

Friday, May 29, 2009


i had never gone through any nightmare..yes..this a fact of my thing that i alwiz appreciate..thanked to god.. that i've been sleep well evry night..alhamdulillah..n i alwiz wonder the feelings of heaving a bad dream or so called's the feeling an d stuff..untill i get my whole new life..yeah..'matrics life.' one night..actually bukan mlm pun..mase 2 tertido waktu maghrib for like one hour je..sebab selalu sgt fikir psl bad dream yg org lain lalui..on that day itself..i had mine..its undescribable..seriously..memang teruk gile mimpi 2..when i woke up..i was kinda stunned to recall evrything back..but seriously..i pray that i wont go through it again..pls..hurmm lame jugak la duduk berfikir mengimbas kembali mimpi buruk 2..terlalu buruk sampai x nampak apa2..haih..the worst part is evrytime i tried to recall makes me feel scary gile2..takut gle..sampai fobia nk tengok katil n fobia nak tdo..whenever i lay down on the bed..i'll feel like sitting on d scary machine that give u all the shock n fierce..tak kelakar ok..believe it or not but i cried 4 like a few times la..sebab terlalu takut..sgt2 takut..n now evry nite will b the moment that i cant face through walaupun terpaksa..bila mlm je parkinson akan dtg menyerang..haha..but anyway thanks to YOU who tried to make me feel relieved..u'd help me a lot..thank you v much..n everyday i pray hard that evrything will be fine.. :(

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today just came back from the terrible life there..haha..4 ur information i'm now away to matriculation at kuala pilah,negeri sembilan disebabkan tidak mendapat mane2 tawaran terpaksalah menetap dan memilih matrikulasi sebagai pusat perkembangan minda yh kedua setelah menamatkan SPM..hehe..mcm biasalah..the 1st week was d orientation was really sucks!! believe it or not..sepanjang 18 tahun saya hidup..n this is my 1st like kinda not get use 2 it n i find it miserable n v v v terrible..haha..kira hari je bila lah nk balik..haha..sepanjang berada di sana..i keep on worried bout my laptop n my car..haha..seriously..i realized that i cant live without them..haha..but at the same time..keep on reminding myself that this is d fact ..n i hav to go through it 4 one year..haha..xpela..sacrifice to survive..wahaha..but seriously orientation was damn sucks..i didnt participate in any of the acivities..then buat ape??haha..tido la ape lag..hak3..sampai mentor saya ckp.."mira!!ko ni asyik tdo je!!" haha..but one thing i learn...haha..mcm bese la menambahkan koleksi "pengalaman hidup"..hehe..i learned a lot.. :)..hak3..biarlah rahsia..wahaha..n next week..dah mula kuliah..haha..dh xde ucapan.."selamat pagi cikgu" we hav to trained ourselves to greet all the lecturers.. "morning ma'am/sir" haha..will c how la..hak3..owh x sabarnye nk belajar balik..sakit otak..dh keras dh..hahaha..erm so the time has begin..yeah!! haha..will c u guys later..!

Friday, May 8, 2009


TODAY WAS A SAD DAY FOR ME ..from now onwards i had to live without their more cute more adorable actions and no more funny2 things that i can never get from only exist in their far i had never seen the same case happen to growing had to leave them walaupun berat hati nk tinggalkan tamat sudah tempoh perkhidmatan saya sebagai guru tadika..haha...actually my contract is untill end of may..tap disebabkan masalah2 yg tak dapat dielakkan..terpaksalah buat short notice of resignation ..haha..erm i'm soooooooooooooooo gonna miss those kids la..haih..they are soooooooooooooo cute and adorable sgt2.hak3..seriously all their characters makes u feel guilty to scold them and at last u end with laughing together with them..hahahaha..ermm so like today memandangkan last day..i quickly habiskan my last teaching..then snap a few pics 4 d memories..nant kalo stress bole tgk all those pics..terubat cket...haha..but yet i'm happy too bcz i had a new experience in my life..suka sgt buat koleksi "pengalaman hidup' hey bukan senang taw nk dpt pengalaman..i mean like yes evrybody will hav their own xperience..tap bukan sume pengalaman yg kite dpt 2 betul2 might b just a waste one..nk dapat pengalaman hidup sama la mcm kite nk amik xam..kena bace buku..then berani untuk menghadapi segala risiko..then kalo terjatuh semangat untuk bangun balik dan meneruskan strategi untuk berjaya..hahaha..craps.!!hak3..yes i had a v enjoyable moments with them n i gain a lot during my short service..haha..yeah!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


When u had got the title"lepasan spm" there's tooo many to settle down especially bout the UPU stuff..hurmm i thought when we had finished writing the last paper of SPM we could just shout n yelled n enjoy our next life..but things turn out the other way..i lupa yang ade pepatah mengatakan.."semakin kite membesar semakin banyak tanggungjawab yang akan dipikul"haha..ok back to d story..erm while keep proceeding wit my "kerjaya sementara" (hehe) i still think bout what i'm goin to hav 4 my further study..hurmm after 100 times discussion wit mostly my dad ..he finally registered me under the fast track intake of medicine studies..according to Mr.Alex..i'm a fresh student that will face a very tought time ..but my dad bole ckp "owh xpe..she can pick up" and i was like"Ya Allah ayah ingat nie main kutip2 bola ke??" haha..seriously...but nothing i can do selain menurut like Mr.Alex ckp.."its ok if she can pass the xam n u'll get the place.." n my dad terus cakap "ok deal sir" but 4 me.."xam??? what exam??"
and Mr.Alex with his innocent smile said that " its a pre-medic test ..stpm standard"
straight away i was like"huh??stpm??but i didnt learn anything yet ??"
Mr.Alex dengan tenangnye menjawab " long as u memorize all the answers in this 4 books everything will be fine"
i take a look at those books..kinda hard 4 me but i'll try my best la..haih..tap kadang2 rasa mcm tak mampu owh..hurmm but whatever it is..i want it!!c how la..haha..trying to make everything possible ..(",)


Awak selalu teman saya ..Awak selalu ade bersama saya..Awak je yg selalu dengar setiap kata2 hati saya..kan??terima kasih awak..setiap hari kalo saya rasa sedih..kalo saya rasa keseorangan dan bila saya rasa saya perlukan teman..awak selalu ade bersama saya..saya ingat lag bile kite sama-sama nyanyi lagu titanic 2 kan..i played the notes n chords while u give the beats..we spent time like every evening..then mlm2 kalau i feel like i need u ..u'll come n again we spent the whole night together..u alwiz give me ur heart to know everything..terima kasih awak..tap satu hari awak dh tak ade..saya cuba cari..tap awak tak muncul2 pun..saya cari awak merata-rata tap still tak muncul jugak..then bila saya tanye ayah saya..dia ckp awak dh xde..awak kena panah petir..hurmmmmm so sekarang saya xtau nk ckp ngan sape dh..sape nk menyanyi dengan saya..hurmmm xpe awak..saya akan cuba rawat awak ok..ayah kata dia akan dapatkan yg baru tap saya xnak..saya akan cuba rawat awak ok..awak bersabar ye...mungkin mengambil mase yang lame..

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today daddy fulfill his promisses to us ..hehe...actually he supposed to bring us "kai-kai"(jalan2)..haha yesterday(saturday) but mcm biasa la tak today he made's alwiz been like that..when it came to saturday he will say"ok hari nie kite peg jln2" tap mesti x jadi..n we will go on the next day..bole dikatakan setiap sabtu mcm today we went to bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad cz athirah need to snap a few picures 4 her dh alang-alang snap photos kitaorang pun skali la..haha..then we head to PWTC..BOOK FAIR!!!!hehe..the place were soooooooooooooo crowded that we cant even breath..haha..bak kata athirah"haih..x bole nafas aku.."haha..ermm daddy,aiman,aleeya,arrazi x they were like jalan2 dekat the only me n tra je yg peg shopping buku..haha..we bought 5 books..wahaha..tra bought 4 n one is enough for me..aku bukan mcm ko tra..ulat buku..hahaha..after spending one hour there..we then head to daddy's place..b4 that peg beli baju dulu..haha..dh beli la..peluang ma..haha..daddy called dia kat."tunggu situ..ayah datang"we were like "ermm??wat pe??"guess what??daddy pun shopping..haha..he was like.."qla..yang nie x nak??" "tra..yg ni bagus,cantik"haha..ayah kalo beli barang memang mcm 2..kalo bole sume dia suruh beli..even if we said"nak buat ape?bukan pakai pun nant" n he will say"xpe..simpan..mane tau nant2 nk pakai.."haha..ok daddy.. :) ermm he also bought pants 4 him n nak beli kasut tap x de saiz..haha..xpela daddy nant kite peg tempat lain ye..haha..erm around 1.30 we went back like daddy is alwiz free on sunday..wahahaha..thnx v much daddy!!


Friday, April 17, 2009


i can never tell u how much i luv u..
i can never show u how much i care for u..
i can never tell how much i miss u..
i can never show how much i need u..
i can never tell how long i've been waiting for u..
i can never show how many tears of mine just for u..
i can never..i can never..and ever..

i may look deceptively..
i may be innocent..
i may not be serious..
i may be smug..
but i'm totally stuck!!
stuck in every way that exist..
stuck in every moment that chases..
after me,myself and i..

i tried to explain everything in every way that i can..
i tried hardly..
i tried hardly..
i tried hardly..
but it seems to end vaguely..

everything that happened was imperceptibly..
i had neither ask nor pray for it..
never ..never..and never..

i can never ignore it nor throw it away..
although i want it to happen that way..

but how shall i continue within it?
how shall i ?
how shall i?
how shall i?

to tell u the truth..
how could i would?
to tell u every single thing..
what would u think?


Should i cry?
or should i laugh?

Should i go?
or should i stay?

Should i smile?
or should i just sigh?

Should i follow?
or should i make my own way?

Should i remember?
or should i just forget everything?

Should i keep it?
or should i just throw it?

Should i continue?
or should i just get a new one?

Should i leave?
or should i wait?

the way itself is impassed..
where is or are the sign/signs??
i don't see any..
should i or shouldn't i??
for this unconditional life,favourable love,and wonderful mankind..

p/s:i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo missing u arwah fad!!(ya Allah berikan lah aku kekuatan..)

Sunday, April 12, 2009



i'm not back yet..huhu..em v v v sorry for not updating the blog for like 1 month..hehe..i was toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy not with the worksssssssssssssssssssssss but wit the mattersssssssssssssssssssssssssss which i need to settle immediately..hurmm wonder when it will like to all the bloggers n my followers(",) be patient..hehe..i'll be back ASAP..i hope u guys akn bnyk la akibatnye kalo dh berkawan baik dgn perdana menteri..i pun dpt jawatan PM GAK..which is pengurus will c u guys later..!!!

p/s:to kaera..i'm v v v v v v sorry..u'll understand one day..thnx v v v v much 4 evrything!!i promise i'll pay back d time!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


-Sorrry sangat2..
-hehe..nowadays i'm kinda busy..i mean really really busy..just can't handle it..
-everyday my day would be packed like the sardin in the can..wahaha..
-serious shit..tooooooooooooooooooooooo many things to cover up..
-in addition there's thousands,bundle of,millions of so called diasater"PROBLEM"(life destroyer)

-thank you..
-life getting miserable..yes i do noticed that..hehe..but i would like to thanked to all who concern bout me nmy blog..haha..yes..thnx v v v much..they do ask.."lame x update blog" and i would just give them a big smiley face..wahahaha..
thnx again..

-i miss you..
-dalam sibuk menguruskan kehidupan ini..hehe..i do miss a lot of my frens..lag2..bell..she went to ns n will b back soon..haha..i really miss her la..huk3..we had a v v great time the way..thnx 2 kaera ..thnx 4 everything ya..hehe..
-yes..i do miss you..(u noe who u r) hehe..
-and i miss arwah fad..hurmmmm.. awk..huk3:(

will be right back..
-i'm damn busy 4 the time being..menguruskan hal2 dunia..haha..em sorry but there's just too much to b settled down..i mean plenty of them.its kinda serious i hope u guys would understand..
-anyway..i promise i'll be right back soon..i will c ya!!thnx n sorry.. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009


rite as u know today is 27.02.09..haha..well today is actually my birthday!!wahaha..getting old already..muahaha..but nothing i dun really care is just d same..tap dh tua..hahaha..x suka,x suka..hak3..ermm so pag wake n peg keje mcm bese but today was kinda bad day 4 me.huhu..ade prob cket la kat tadika 2..tristen,one of my student..v v v cute but v v v to bit his friend..n the case become even worst when wei kang(my student also)get hurt bcz of him n the worst ever part is when his mother start 2 complain n guess what ..his aunty allso come to support..come on la..u dun hav to annaunce this matter..haha..tap as 4 me..try hard 2 solve the bigggggg prob..haha..n d result is : "RAHSIA"..Hehe..em ok then balik keje..siap2..n hadap laptop..on9 n update some stuff..n also wat keje..huhu..ntah mcm mane ntah bole tertido plak..hehe..nsb baik bell txt ajak kuar..haha..then after asar prayer we went out..first peg coffee bean beli cafe latte' n then bakery's beli bun then peg amik anak buah dia ,haikal,then peg victory beli murtaba then peg mpsj..haha..jumpa syed!!hahaha..bell suka la 2..wahaha..em then around 7 balik lah kami..ahaks!!mlm 2 plak dad did a surprise..haha..he give me a small present but yet it's thnx dad..really like it..wahaha..
here i would like to thnx to:
-Kak shaira
-kak farah
-wan amirah
-kak yan
-some network friends..hehe
for all ur wishes..thnx v v v much..muahaha...n dad,yhnx 4 d DKNY WATCH..Huhu..

Thursday, February 26, 2009



7.40 a.m:

-get up and wash my face n prepare breakfast untuk mereka2 yg masih di buai mimpi ngeri..hehe
-mom went to school 4 PIBG meeting i just cook curry n fried roti canai..(nsb baik akak dh
buat air)(",)

9.00 a.m:

-the two hero n heroin(aiman n aleeya) mandikan diaorang,kasi mkn n they start their
own actvt..wahaha
-while me ..siap2 kan brg2 untuk di bawa ke destinasi kami pd hari ini..haha.


-the journey starts!! yeah!!
-hey penang,here we come!huhu

2.12 p.m:

-stop at sg.perak 4 a short break..hehe

4.30 p.m:

-we are here now..penang!!
-then head to mrsm kepala batas 2 vst my lil bro,afiq.
-aleeya n aiman were very2 excited to see him..besela..haha
-afiq told us about his new life there..from A-z..haha
-about 5 ,we went away to check in the same time afiq need to go 4 a debate i guess that we'll meet him later je la..hehe
-otw to the hotel,dad stop by to get some hot stuff..hehe..guess what??goreng pisang!!haha..
the taste was a lil bit diff but after all it was nice..hehe

6.00 p.m:

-finally we check in at "the pearl view hotel"about 10 km from afiq's place..
-the hotel was not that bad..we didnt expect any special rooms n stuff as we are here 4 one night medum one should be ok rite..hehe
-dad booked 2 rooms...we take a short n get ready ourselves..haha

7.10 p.m:

-went 2 "restoran subaidah" 4 dinner..
-too bad cz i had a problem with my taste buds..this is all bcz of u!!yes, u mr.mucus n mr.s flu
-at 8 we went back 2 hotel..

8.30 p.m:

-dunno what 2 do as we had taken our shower..mkn pn dh..haha
-aiman n arrazi had already starts their special actvt.nplaying ps2 which they brought from

9.08 p.m:

-bcz of the extra bored..athirah suggest to snap some crazi's a crazy one..huhu
-dad went 4 a meeting..hurmm cuti 1 hari pn ade meeting..peg mane2 pn mest nak jumpa
"wanted guest"hehe..he said that business doesnt know what is time..whatever la dad..

9.30 p.m:

-aktiviti gila2 sudah pn selesai..hehe..
-aiman n aji still with the ps2..atirah study sejarah..haha..mlm2 study
nothing bsides writing this lame stuff..haha


8 a.m:

-wake up from the sweet dream.haha.sweet la sgt..
-mandikan aiman n aleeya then get ready.pack brg2 n stuff untuk bertolak balik ke

8.45 a.m:

-mom,dad,aiman,aleeya,aji went 4 breakfast dh..while me n atirah still touch up..wahaha
-then dh siap,turunlah kami ke cafe untuk hidangan pag..
-too much of foodss..i mean delicious food..ontop of our table,there were..nasi lemak,mee goreng,guava juice,pancake,red beans,cake,coffee
-and they also put on a tune..slow tune..mcm nak suruh org tdo balik je..hehe..

10.12 a.m:

-at last,we check out from the hotel..huhu

10.40 a.m:

-peg amik afiq 4 outing..
-since he wants to buy some we went to d mall..


-then bwk peg mkn at nasi kandar pelita..haha
-i dont eat bcz of the mega breakfast just now..hurmm mcm mane la diaorang ni bole lpr cepat sgt..hak3..

1.00 p.m:

-hantar afiq balik hostel..
-while we teruskan perjalanan balik ke selangor tercinta..haha


-we stop at ipoh cz ade kwn ayah nak belanje mkn..
-we meet uncle benny at restoran mee rebus ramli..he said that it was the famous restoran and d food was really yummy2..hehe

about 5.46 p.m:

-kami meneruskan jalan tanpa putus2 lag..hahahaha

so thats all about our trip 2 penang!!haha..short trip with a short memories..wahahahaha..


Friday, February 20, 2009


ok today was kinda a bored day 4 me..(bukan ari ni je..hehe) although my day was fully packed with worksssszzzssszzz..haha..but i do feel bored sometime..but it was not bcz of those works..i really enjoy doing a lot of works..i dunno why..say me carzy lil bratz but this is the fact of me..hehe..serious shit that i'm fanatic with works..i'm having fun wit it...n i cant wait to sign in into college 4 my further study...people said that when u stepped there..its like being in a prison..less social life(4 certain course la..) n u need to hav ur brain all the time..i mean u need to carry ur heavy brain every second..well i dont mind..i would love,seriously..learning is fun..(4 me) cz 2 me i really like 2 know everything though i can't..haha..but i will try 2 figure it out..nothing is impossibble what..haha..ok back 2 d story..ermmya,bored day..haha..em ok came back from usual,get ready myself n take my lunch..then main2 ngan my lil bro n sis..n dunno why tiba2 dah ade atas katil..wake up..tgk2 dah pukul it happened..i dont hav any idea 4 leats dpt rehat ..hehe..then my mom kata.."qla,peg amik adik ko.."i said "owh..emm""what??"amik athirah????" "yela,xpe..jgn je slowly..." "haha,ok i'll try"hehe..then get ready then start here's come the journey..i was quite nervous when i was driving there..haha..but after all,as my sis says.."fuhh,nasib baik selamat sampai uma.."hahaha..em sharp at 4 ,belum sempat duduk lag,my dad ask us 2 go mydin..beli brg..haha..lagpn esk nak peg beli la pape yg patut..balik kul6 terus call bell..ajak lepak..haha..2 je la keje..hehe..but today we went to MPSJ..bell nak sgt peg sana..tengok buah hat..haha..b4 that we but bun n drinks n head there...borak2..gelak2..n sharing our life stories..haha..em then at 7 balik la kami ke uma that was the story 4!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


ok today is 18.2.09..mcm x best je tarikh 2..haha..mmg x best ari ni pn my day wasnt that was even worst..haha..emm balik keje mandi n ingatkan nak solat cz dh amik wudu' sekali..then dad called n ajak peg lunch..ok..rambut basah2 mcm mane ek??my dad kata bantai je..dia mmg suka wat surprise mcm 2..ajak last minute..xsuka betul..tap nak wat cm we head 2 anjung merah..em then mkn..n discuss a few matters..bout my study n my future..haha..he ask me if i want a saga car?i said ape2 pn bole..second hand pn mom terus ckp.."NO! IBU X STUJU.."Haha..what ever la mom..then i said saga??mcm bsr je..ok i know its only 1.3 but it is still a big 1 4 me cz i just wanna a micro car..hahaha..i suggest savvy..then dad says dia fikir mcm mane nant..haha..then around 2.30 sampai uma then terus solat..hurmm mls plak nak on9 lepas 2..xde keje plak tdo ngan my lil sis,aleeya..tiba2 dgr org azan asar..hurmm dh ptg rupanye..5.15 get up n solat..then called pu3.."nak lepak x?""x bole la,aku ade hal,sori" " ok xpe,jumaat then" then called bell"wat pe?" "lipat kain je" "lepak jom?" "em dtg r uma "siap2 then dtg uma 6 we head to coffee bean..order cuppocino n she ordered iced tea..ok bell sori aku tau ko x suka tempat coffee nie..tap nak wat cm ne..haha..then borak2 sampai la kul 7.15..then balik la kitaorang..hantar bell kat uma then sy pn terus balik uma..sampai je maid says "qla,ibu suruh msk sayur.." hurmm sayur??nasib baik sayur..haha..then dh msk naik ats siap2..solat maghrib..doa that was my day..bored day..n thnx bell..thnx v much..luv u!!

p/s:i miss u fad..

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Tanggal 7 feb merupakan tarikh yg paling ku kenangi..pada hari ini la arwah muhd.zulfadry haqim b.dato' norman meninggal dunia kerana sakit yg ditanggungnye sendiri tanpa memberitahuku ..dan entah mengapa pd waktu itu tidak ku sedari walau sedikit perubahan yg ada padanye..dan akhirnye dia pergi meninggalkan keluarganye dan org yg disayanginye..entah mengapa pada hari ini keadaanku berlainan..tidak seperti selalu dan thn2 yg lalu..aku mampu untuk melupakan ape yg berlaku..pd hari ini kisahnya mula menghantui ku..aku berasa tidak selesa..dan aku merasakan kesedihan yg bertalu-talu..semua kata-katanye mula berngiang-ngiang dan memorinye silih berganti..kemudian seperti biasa kak zira akn menelefon ku untk menjemput ke ke kenduri tahlil..tap pd hari ini aku membuat keputusan untuk tidak pergi..dan terus mengurung diri di dlm rumah..dan aku sentiasa teringat setiap kali blk minggu pd hari jumaat dia akn msgku."dah sampai uma?" "oh,ok xpe,nant sy msg blk,awk rest dulu ok.."msg yg sama akn dihantarnye setiap hari jumaat(blk minggu) namun harusku terima hakikat yg aku tidak mungkin bole melaluinye lag..seperti yg pernah dia lakukan..arwah merupakan seorang yg sngat baik..dia seorang yg amat berbeza..he's very unique and cool..namun demikian,aku bersyukur kerana dikurniakn seorang yg sgt baik hat untuk menemani ku dan berkongsi dgn ku..terima kasih awk..dan aku tidak tahu apa yg harusku lakukan selain berdoa kepada-Nya memohon petunjuk dan jln yg terbaik bg ku..aku tidak pernah lupa untuk menghadiahkan arwah doa dan fatihah agar roh nya sentiasa dlm golongan org yg beriman..fad,terima kasih..sekarang sy mula memahami setiap nasihat awk n i've got my answer..thnx..thnx v v v much..

p/s:this txt was written in green cz he love green too much which i dun really like tap "4 u i will"..fad,remember that phrase??thnx.. :>

Friday, February 6, 2009


ok dont get me wrong k..i just wanna share wit u something..sometimes we are soo happy wit them that we have to let them go someday somehow..and when the day come and u'll start asking.."why??"and some of u might say that why should it happen..its useless and not logic..meaning that we must not love anyone..??nope..that is not what i meant..i mean..yes,kite dah lama sangat hidup dgn dia..n the worst part is we love them sooo first we love them sooo sooo sooo much..n day by day..where we all we reach one stage where each of us cant live without each other..and that is the last stage that we need to prepare ourselves..90% prepared or else we could just be in trouble..u love him/her soo much that u could die 4 him/her..u love him/her soo much that u could nvr except what ever the fact is..come on..this is life..u do know all this rite..i'm sure that all of u must must be pretty sure of it..we cant deby that they are the loved ones and some of u will go crazy after they lost them and thats it..ur life is finished..we need to go through all this bcz this is life..the one who live will deffinitely die..tak kisah la sama ada mereka ini mati dlm mimpi anda atau mati untuk selamanya..tha is the only different..either he/she is gone for a moment or gone forever..we dont know that..just be prepared..kalau la seseorang 2 hilang untuk sementara dan dtg kembali kemudian hari..then it wouldnt be any problem 4 u as u just have to pray hard and live life to the max till u meet him/her..tap mcm mane plak kalo seseorang 2 pergi untuk selamanye??its gonna end half of ur life rite?? is confirm..memang mudah untuk mencari pengganti untuk menggantikan yg sudah pergi tap u must remember that there is a a lot of difference antara menggantikan dan menempatkan seseorang dlm diri dan hati..i'm not simply making words here is a fact!!sometimes we just dun know when is he'her going..either forever or for a moment but sometimes we could know..the worst part is when u dun even realize it n it happened in just a second.."tupp"just like that..damn..sape yg mengalaminye begini mest merupakan seorang yg sgt tabah n kuat..kdg2 kite mesti tertanye kenape mesti ada yg meninggalkan..??u should know that life is once but to live with the given life is a plenty of them..we cant just live in one that is why the almighty god wants us to know that there is many ways in ur life..we will lose someone one day but there will alwiz be someone who will wait and come to u one day later..the only thing is anda yg menentukan sama ada sekadar pengganti atau penetapan yg baru..its ur life.. :)

p/s:fad..thnx 4 d inspiration..


Its been a month since i starts my carrier..haha..temporary carrier..for those who don't know,i'm currently workin wit kids..hehe..yeah,i'm a kindergarten teacher..huhu..i know most of u guys would say.."kids??wow,bestnye.."haha..yes i would say they are just being adorable and i won't deny that workin wit them are soooo sooooo much enjoyable's undescribable!great..awesome.. and stuff..but one word i could say is TOUGH..hehe..although i'm kinda get use to kids as i'm the one who raised up aiman and aleeya(my lil bro n sis) but when the moment i get into there..the whole situation are just different..i thought it would be pretty easier for me but i were wrong..totally wrong..i forgot that different humas have different characters and method to handle..haha..the first two weeks were kinda tough ..i mean a lil bit tough as i'm killing two birds wit one stone..haha..i need to suits myself wit the condition n stuff and i also need to get to know those kids..haha..but it was soooo much of joys n funs..i really love kidss..hahaha..they are cute and sooo adorable..hehe...fad,do u remeber bout the kid stuff??kalau awk ade lag..mest lag best..i really miss u..if only u could know that i'd cried 4 u every nite n day..fad,do u remeber bout d promise???i'm sorry..really sorry ..i should know it earlier..yeah,i'm dumb ok i know that..i miss u..hurmmm ..awk tau tak budak2 2 kan selalu buli saya..haha..em yes..they are soooo cute n brave that they could bully me just like that..hehe..i had nevr get angry wit them that the priciple,ms veelo called me n remind me that this is a school and not a "daycare" or taska n stuff..she said that :"aqilah,u must scold them if they did anything wrong,be firm a bit"i know that but i just couldnt train myself 4 that..i mean if i were 2 do that then i'll need to practice it..heheas time passed..i finally get use to i'm kinda know d situation and not blur and there's a progression woit those kiddos..haha..some of the teachers said that i should just take d child course and open my own kindergarten..haha..they said that i'm soooo suitable wit those kidss.haha..i know but sometime we must sacrifice our interest to learn a new one..(kan fad kan??) i guess that's all about my temporary carrier..hehe..c ya!

p/s:fad,u know...

Monday, January 26, 2009


whenever there is a difficulty,
whenever there is a challenge,
and that is a life..

Whenever there is a path,
whenever there is a way,
and that is a believe..

Whenever there is a hope,
whenever there is a desire,
and that is a journey..

whenever there is a promise,
whenever there is a mistakes,
and that is a love..

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today agak boring..(actually moody)hehe..dunno why la..since last week i've got imbalance hormone..hurmm..must check back with mr.pituitary gland..(mom,is that rite??haha dah lupa la..)and the worst part is i'm craving like after another..4two weeks i crave 4 nasi mamak..then lepas 2 nak mkn pancake..haha..then ari2..ade je air nak minum..jus water la..nasib baik air senang nak today lepas dah penat buat "homework"(hehe)(actually update my business) txt dekat bell and puteri..ajak lepak..xtau nak peg mane..haha..gelak2 (sambil jln) then we all dcide nak mkn kat secret sambil gelak jln peg sana..haha..em sampai sana gelak lag..haha..pape ntah ..tap itulah kitaorang yang sebenarnye..hehe..then masing2 discuss nak mkn ape..i just ordered 2 slices of brownies walnut and cafe latte..bell order cheese cake yg dia dah lame mengidam n puteri pn sama setelah penat dipujuk..hehe..mkn and gelak..haha..tiba2..hujan lebat gle..guess what??kitaorang actually risau 2 perkara..1)nak balik mcm mane??2) nant kek yg nak bwk balik basah(hehe)..and teka ape yg kiteorg buat..each one of us kol our fwen 2 get a lift..haha..lawak gle..sorila..terpaksa susahkan korang2..hehe..and lag best hujan semakin lebat dan lebat dan sangatlah lebat sampaila jam menunjukkan pukul 6.55 ptg..all the workers had their eyes on us..sori ye akak n abang..terpaksa menumpang walaupun dah bayar bill..haha..and at the same time we keep making fon calls 4 a lift..and the results turned zero when we received various reasonssss..hehe..xpe guys,fhm2..lag2 musim tepat pukul 7 kami bersepakat untuk meredah hujan lebat..haha..tap bila kuar tengok dah x hujan sgt..haha, kami meneruskan journey yg boleh dikatakan best..hehe..on the way balik..gelak that is all about the 1 hour and 30 minutes event(memories)..hehe..thnx bell and pu3..c ya!

Friday, January 23, 2009


when u say thank you..
for some reason it hurts..
like a magic spell that doesn't
get undone even after the goodbye..
a hint of bitterness..
the flavour of life..

stuck midpoint between friends and lovers..
like an unriped fruit dreaming about the day of harvest..
bcz of being unable to just move one more step forward..
what's causing this frustration..?

sweet talk and tasteless conversations..
it sparks no interest in me..
even when things do not go the way u want..
it doesn't mean that u've thrown ur life away..

when asked what's wrong?
i answer ' nothing'..
the smile that dissappear after goodbye..
its unlike me..

the more i wish to believe in u..
for some reason it hurts even more..
' i like u a lot' instead of ' i luv u' sounds more like u..
the flavour of life..

the period when u suddenly remember the scent of someone
u had almost forgotten..
i want to be able to be open and honestly cherish the white purity
of the falling snow more..
a future tender and warmer than a diamond
i want to grasp it
in this limited time we have
i want to spent it with u..