Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorry & Maaf.

Hi there. Salam to everyone. Its been quite a long time since my blog being silent. So for this entry it would just be a short one. Lately, i received a lot of invitation here and there. A million thanks for all those awesome invitation and sorry that i coudnt attend any of the invitation. Kinda sad, but this urgent case really need my 24hours to settle it down. Hope to see yu guys soon for the next catch up. 

And to my dearest friend, aisa and zye , i'm really sorry that we always had to postponed our meet up. Soryy aisa. Sorry zye. Aku janji once case '2 alam' nie dah settle aku pi jumpa hangpa naa. Sorry sgt sgt. Nak main Ipad pun tak sempat :p Acane? hehe. hurm. This thing is far beyond my power and what i need to do is just pray and forgive the person who did this. semoga Allah bukakkan pintu hati dia and tunjukkan dia jalan yang benar. Amin.
So, kepada zye, aisa dan juga kwn2 yang lain, i'll catch up with you very very soon kay. :) Thanks for everything and sorry if anything. 

see ya ! wasalam.

Friday, June 3, 2011



Thursday, June 2, 2011


OMG OMG OMG, i really wanna go for this one. Plus, this sunday there's gonna be garage sale at USJ5. Please please please. Really wanna go for this one. :( Kinda sad cz will not be in subang on that day :( Nak sangat pergi. Huk. Huk. Huk. Oh miracle, please happen baby! I've been invited for so many occation on that day.Plus its gonna be my mom's birthday. huhu. Thanks for the invitations guys. Thanks to Iqeat(zye's boyfie) for the special gig event. Would love to come to but will see how kay. :) Oh garage sale, can u please wait for me till i get back here? Hey empire, can u organize this cool event again, maybe next week? 
garage sale. :)
*hoiiiiii, ko ingat ko sape? sodap je suruh orang buat tu buat nie. arrange sana arrange sini. apa? hang pikiaq hang superstar kah?*

Monday, May 30, 2011


Ku biarkan ia berlalu,
Walau sendiri tidak mahu,
Namun itu pintamu,
Mungkin itu yang kau tunggu,

Tiada ku khabarkan,
Pada nya dunia,
Mengapa dan bagaimana,
Siapa dan apa,
Tiada ku ceritakan,
Cuma pahitnya senyuman,
Melakari keindahan,

Terbang lah si rama-rama,
Melihat sebelahnya dunia,
Mungkinkah kau kan gembira?
Mungkinkah kau bersamanya?
Mungkinkah kau kan tertawa?
Kau punya jawapannya,
Terbanglah si rama-rama,                      
Membina semula rasa,
Menulis semula hikayat jiwa,
Melukis kembali,

Andai kau kembali,
Ketahuilah ku masih disini,
Dan terus menanti,
Kerna itulah yang pasti,
Ceritanya disini,
Kekal terpatri,
Sungguh aku disini.

Friday, May 20, 2011




cupcakes <3

meet them :)
fiqa :')
Hello guys :) yesterday went to curve with my cupcakes <3. hehe. we had a lot of fun i must say and we enjoy every second after a long time we havent seen each other. Okay, semasa hendak membeli ticket pirates, as we agreed to watch the muvi, suddenly, it turn out to be we got a free tickets from tiz zaqiyah :) for her muvi, Nur Kasih the movie. :) okay memandangkan out ticket is at 3pm, so we decided to received the free tickets and watch Nur Kasih at 12pm. hehe. so i must say we had a lucky day on that day. Thanks to tiz zaqiyah and her fan clubs. not to forget both the movie is awesome! :) thanks to my cupcakes also. and not to forget, thanks a lot to faris and fiqa sebab sudi setuju untuk naik cab pergi sana. i decided not to use my car kalau nak pergi berjalan-jalan. hehe. saja nak membiasakan diri. I'll be needing to make use of it for the benefit during my 4th sem. :) lovessss, thanks so much! :D

p/s: Thanks to faris for the marvellous dinner at his house :') shedap shangat! :')

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"I'll just hope you know how i felt. I just hope you know how am i. There's nothing i can do than just praying for you. I see you're smiling. I see you're laughing. And my heart terrified. Cause all i want is you to be fine."

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello Hello Hello!! :) Do you know that by having your favourite ice cream flavour, you could determined your personality type? :) Well, i knew this quite a long time ago and just wanna share with you guys.

*haa, bagi sapa yang kurang faham. sebenarnya, di sebalik aiskrim kesukaan anda, anda juga bole mengetahui tentang personaliti yang tersirat di sebaliknya.*

*errr, budget dowh kau!*

*laah?! ko bagus sangat ke?*

*err, guys guys, sabaq naa. Toksah la nak dok bergaduh laa nie. Sat lagi kita pi luaq naa. Haa, had tu nanti hangpa berdua gaduh la naa.*

So guys, here are some of the infos :)


If you like the simpleness of vanilla, you are an impulsive, risk taker. You enjoy close family relationships, set high goals, and have high expectations for yourself.

Banana Cream Pie

If you bask in bananas, you are very easy-going. You are well-adjusted, generous, empathetic, and honest.

Strawberries n Cream

If you are a strawberry lover, you are shy yet emotionally robust. You can be skeptical, detail-oriented, opinionated, introverted, and self-critical.

Mint Chocolate Chip

If you indulge in Mint Chocolate Chip, you tend to be ambitious and confident yet skeptical about life. You prepare for the future, needing a plan to feel secure. While your stubbornness is a business asset, it can add challenges to your relationships. Even so, your loyalty. honesty and, dependability create lasting friendships and close family ties.

Rocky Road

If you opt for the rich, indulgent taste of Rocky Road, you have a balanced mixture of charm and practicality. While in social situations you are outgoing and engaging, in the business world you are more aggressive and goal-oriented. You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy being catered to. You respond best to encouragement rather than criticism and can be very sensitive anout minor things.

Chocolate Chip

As a Chocolate Chip lover you are competitive and accomplished, no victory is sweet without a little hard work. Although you are generous with your money, you are competent and ambitious in love and work. You never take blessings for granted. You are a shining star in social situations with your captivating personality.

Butter Pecan

If you fave flave is Butter Pecan, you would be seen as the perfect worker. You are devoted, conscientious, respectful, and conservative. You hold high standards for right and wrong and show integrity in all of your actions. You are extremely sensitive to others' feelings. You don't wear your heart on your sleeve. It can take encouragement from close friends and family to get you to share your deepest thoughts. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

If you love your mix of cookie dough and ice cream you are a natural leader and you always aim high. You are a total go-getter and will not give up until you have achieved all that you wanted to do.


  If you can't live without classic chocolate, you are a total flirt. You love attention! At heart, though, you are a   hopeless romantic waiting for your prince/princess to come and sweep you away.


As a coffee lover, you are lively, dramatic, and flirtatious. You thrive on the passion of the moment. Because you throw yourself into all you do, you tend to be over-committed and start new projects before you finish old ones. You get bored with dull relationships and thrive on new exciting adventures.


I gave you everything a girl could give you it took me by surprise.
All the times you slipped by my fingers letting you just tell me lies.
Should have ended it a whole lot sooner but sometimes u cant see.
A broken heart is hanging from the ceiling right between you and me.


A great one. :)


Hey guys. Do you know that your type of blood tells a lot about your personality. Okay dulu semasa membuat experiment test darah. we isolate different types of blood and determined and observed the personality that a blood could define. So here are some of the definitions about them. :)

Type A
Presence of mind, serious, patient, calm & cool;
Coherent character, can be relied on & trusted, but stuborn;
Plan everything out beforehand, and carry out tasks with seriousness and consistency;
• Try to be fair and find the ideal outcome to any situation;
• Tend to keep themselves separate from others, especially those who don't share their opinions;
• Tend to try and keep their emotions and thoughts hidden from others, and share them only when comfortable.
Type-A people are farmers. They are shy, introverted perfectionists. They are considerate to others and cannot tell a lie easily. They are loyal to friends and coworkers. They can be secretive, though, and don't often share their feelings. They don't hold their liquor well.

Type B
• Tend to be exceedingly curious about everything;
• Are easily vexed and grow exasperated if things don't go the way they want them to go;
• Usually have a strong drive to be the best at whatever they set their mind to doing; however, they also tend to neglect other tasks for the sake of whatever they are focusing on;
• Have a hard time multi-tasking;
• Tend to be loners, and keep themselves isolated from others;
Type-B people are hunters. They have independent spirits with strong personalities. While they don't care what others think of them, they are extremely passionate about the things they hold dear. They can be shallow, lazy, and quite impatient.

Type AB
• Usually gentle and emotionally sensative;
• Are very empathetic and careful when dealing with other people, taking care to consider the other point of view;
• Easily become lost in thought;
• Are sometimes looked at as having 2 personalities, because they tend to keep their true selves hidden from strangers;
• They have many friends, but also require time alone
Type-AB people are humanists. They are an unpredictable, distant lot, but tend to use their heads over their hearts. They are good with money. They seek accord and so work well as mediators; however, they can be viewed as two-faced.

Type O
• Are usually the "cheerleader" of the group;
•Tend to be more followers than leaders, accepting whatever the plan is and going alone with it without protest;
• Very generous and kindhearted;
• Generally well-liked by most people;
• Very flexible, and adapt easily to change;
• They are easily influenced by others, as well as perceived authorities, such as television personalities;
•Generally trustworthy, but can sometimes make mistakes due to lapses of focus.
Type-O people are warriors. They are outgoing, expressive, and passionate. They are highly motivated and natural leaders. Blessed with a strong physical presence, they aren't afraid to gamble because they are so convinced they will win. They are natural athletes. They tend to be obsessive in their quest for success, and this can make them boring to others.


Sunday, May 15, 2011


OMG! OMG! Okay okay, dengar sini semua orang kampung! Ada berita tergempar di sini. Hehe. Takde la. Just nak share something dengan korang about so called 'Blackberry' yang dahulu pernah di agung agung kan oleh semua orang. Yang pernah menjadi rebutan setiap mata yang memandang, *errr, kau dah mcm cerita gadis kena mengorat* Haha. Takde. Just pelik kenapa ramai dah tak gunakan BB dah? Ramai kawan saya yang dah stop menggunakan BB and ramai di antara mereka yang bercadang untuk menggunakan selain daripada BB? Adakah BB bersalah? And plus ada di antara kawan saya yang menawarkan BB dengan harga RM500. Terkejut juga. Apa dah jadi dengan BB? hehe. Mungkin ramai yang dah sedar tentang kepentingan Ipad? *takde kena mengena la der. Mcm mana depa nak call orang? * Ahaha. Apa pun, saya yakin there's are pros' and conts' for everything. yang penting ada alat telekomunikasi. hehe. *sorry. guna bahasa purba sikit* hee.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello Malaysia. *wah! gaya mcm orang baru balik over the sea haa!* haha. Just wanna thanks to everyone yang menjayakan aktiviti penghantaran saya ke semenanjung malaysia a.k.a SUBANG JAYA!! hehe. takde la. cerita psl kereta sewa saya, ada ke patut dia nak charge lebih then bila saya tanak bayar dia nak buat report polis. and for ur information, i dengan dato' polis tu dah mcm sugar daddy taw. hehe. takpe la. leave it. yang penting saya dah balik. :) and my journey was accompanied by aisa :) duduk sebelah sebelah lagi. :) and thanks aisa sebab hantar saya balik ruma :) enjoyed everything :D mwacks. :')



Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi !! hehe :D okay tajuk kita pada hari ini murid2 ialah ' spot the magic words '. *cikgu bahasa inggeris sedang mengajar* lol* Okay, whats up with the title? nowadays kita tengok banyak yang salah guna bahasa kan? walaupun dah bertukar perdana menteri and asyik2 menggalakkan ' budi bahasa budaya kita ' tapi tak celui jugak depa suma tuu. Had nie, kita semua dok cakap dgn menggunakan bahasa yang salah. For example..

CIKGU: Okay class. please take out your tutorial book now.
MURID A: cikgu, toilet!

*haa, kan dah salah tuu. cuba la elok sikit ckp, "cikgu, may i go to toilet". kan sedap sikit dengar tuu.*

SET 2:
AYAH: Man, jom teman ayah kejap pegi kedai. tolong ayah sekejap.
MAN: *Dlm kereta*bunyi radio* ayah, kuatkan radio!

*haa, ada ke patut ckp mcm tu. kalau ye pun suka dekat lagu tu, ckp la elok sikit. cuba ckp mcm nie " ayah, kuatkan radio sikit bole?" kan tenang hati ayah mendengar tu?

cuba tengok dialog cikgu dengan ayah tu, elok je diaorang ckp. kita nie dah didik dah. tapi still hilang amalannya. So guys, spot the magic words!! :) lepas nie, sama2 improve gaya bahasa kay :D

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ya aku tahu. Hari ini adalah Hari Ibu. Atau dalam bahasa modennya "Mother's day". Aku tengok banyak yang pi sambut. Penuh Shopping complex tu. Penuh Secret recipe. Berpusu-pusu orang dok pi beratur kat Big Apple tu haa. Semua dok beli hadiah sana sini untuk Mak, Ibu,Mama,Umi tercinta. Okay, selama ak aku hidup 20 tahun, bukan nak cakap apa, tapi kdg2 rasa sebak, sedih dan sedih. Sebab ak tak pernah nak rasa mcm mana sambutan tu. Ada yang sambut ramai2 bersama aunty2 yang bergelar ibu. Ada yang sambut sesam ahli keluarga. Tapi the point is 'menyambut'. Tapi, but, aku?? aku tak pernah nak rasa. Entah tak tau kenapa. Maybe sebab masing2 tak pernah hirau. Atau didikan semasa kecil yang menjadi punca? Aku tak pernah tahu kenapa. Bukannya nak ckp 'OMG. kau orang tak ada family bond ke?' tak, tak, bukan aku takde family bond. kitaorang ada je. pernah je sama2 pegi holiday sume tapi mungkin bahagian nie adalah kekurangan yang ada dalam keluarga aku. mungkin. Mungkin bab2 menyambut sana sini, tak la begitu meriah dengan apa yang korang alami. Bila dengar cerita org, atau tgk dengan ,ata sendiri, sebak terasa tapi senyum ku tak pernah lekang. Bukan aku nak dok mengadu atau complain just nak share something with you guys. Mungkin bole di jadikan pengajaran & pembelajaran. Aku sedar erti seorang ibu kerana Dia. Ya, kau la yang sedar kan aku selama nie. And i thanked you for that my dear :) Cuma bagi you all semua yang menyambut, hargai la detik bersama ibu anda semua. * dah mcm berceramah dah haa* a mom is the best person ever in ur life. she will always be the one. i'm not that close to my mom but still i love her. a lot.

p/s: ibu, selamat hari ibu. :) i love u a lot. thanks for everything u've done for me and for all the understanding ibu. u're the best. and i;m sorry for all the wrongdoings i've done ibu. qila nak ibu tau, qila sentiasa sayangkan ibu eventhough kita tak pernah nak share everything like others did.


Hai ketua segala rasa,
Mengapakah engkau menderita,
Bersyukur kah engkau padaNya?
Usah kau tangisi amarahnya.
Kelak kau disambar hina.
Hai penghulu segala bicara,
Mengapakah engkau merana?
Tidak mahu kah engkau tertawa?
Usah kau mengejarnya.
Leka dan alpa hujung pangkalnya.
Ku tahu engkau mengerti,
Ku tahu engkau memahami,
Ku mahu engkau sedari,
Ku mahu kau merealisasi,
Masanya harus kau nanti,
Sabar dan tabah harus kau semadi,
Segala pengakuan pasti terbukti nanti,
Usah kau peduli,
Usah kau ragui,
Terus lah berdiri,
Amarah bukan jalannya,
Dendam tidak kan bisa,
Mengaut segalanya,
Meruntuh hiba dan sisa cerita,
Nyah kan kesabaranmu,
petikkan ketabahanmu,
Kau la segalanya,

Saturday, May 7, 2011


You make me sick in a lot of ways
Make me smile always
I'm just really into
Having this chase
Kept my eyes open everytime
Falling for you is a crime
We let sparks go off
This time

Oh oh
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Having you
This time

I see it in the steps you take
I hear it in the sounds you make
I'm just really into
Having a taste
Remind me how we got this far
Remind me how we fell apart
Oh I can't give you
That space in my heart

And then we fall asleep.

I'm the one
Whos always in the way
But you got me
Hoping for more more more
I'm here to stay
As though I am always there
As though I had never left

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Okay. semua orang pun ada gaya nya yang tersendiri untuk study. Hang study mcm mana? Ada setengah orang study guna radio. Ada setengah orang study diam2. Ada pulak yang study waktu malam2. Tapi selalu je akan di tanya.
1- Aik. apsal hang study lagu tu?
2- Laa. Awatnya dok buat lagu tu. Tak elok tau dak. Awat hang kalut sgt dok study lagu tu?
3- Hoi. Ek eleh poyo gila study diam2 ohh.
HUrm. Ish. Ish. Pasai apa hangpa nie suma dok kalut mengata cara org study. Biaq pi kat depa la lagu mana pun. Lain orang lain cara nya.
Haha. Apa cara sekali pun, study je. And smile.
You'll refresh the world :)
Saya suka study atas meja. Tapi laa nie bilik cek nie takda meja. Jadi kena la guna kan katil. Apa pun, saya enjoy dengan style study baru. haha. :D

p/s: Entri kali nie bergaya bahasakan loghat utara. :D


First time saya jawab exam chemistry and i feel damn SUCKS! Hamagad, the questions are so damn freaky fucking hard! F&^%$#$@#$#@#?/)*&@%^? erghhhh! I can't believe it i answer all the questions withing 30 minutes. perrrggghhh. memang betul bantai tu. And i feel damn sad. sangat sedih. tak habis dengan tu, purse pulak hilang!! pppfffttt gila! ergh!bertambah la sedih. balik menangis sampai tertido. just teringat satu ayat je. " takpe. u did ur best dah kay." thanks a lot. thats the only thing that make me smile in a while.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Make u feel what i feel,
I'll be that song that u play over and over again,
See i don't mind,
I don't hide,
What i gotta do to prove it,
Walk a mile in my shoes,
Will u dare take a journey,
With me is where u wanna be,


Okay. i don't know why tapi rasa mcm this time ridiculous gila. cz taking biotechnologgy resource doesnt relate at all with chemistry tapi tak tau kenapa kena belajar lagi subjek tu. Huk. Nasib la bu bum ada :) mwah. hehe. tapi serious ohh. aduh. esok paper tapi satu pun tak cover lagi. still wondering whats the connection and plus belajar lagi biochemistry. tak cukup lagi ke saya nak couple dgn awak lagi chemistry?? Anyway, few more days to subang. tanak balik :(

p/s: to my beloved miss azaima. will miss you soon. jgn lupa saya! *haha. ko sape dowh sampai nak kena ingat bagai?* errr.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


lidah ku kelu
badan ku kaku
fikiran ku buntu
memikirkan mu
risaukan dirimu
apakah kau di sana?
masih kah kau tegak berdiri?
fikirkah kau yang di sini?
yang masih cuba membela.
maruah dan segala.
kau hilang dalam di lema.
kau pergi sejuta hari.
membawa diri.
mungkin kah kau sedang tertawa?
mungkin kah kau sedang bergembira?
ingatkah kau pada si dia?
yang pernah menjadi teman semesra?
ingatkah kau pada diriku?
teman sejati tatkala kau kerunsingan hati?
kami dan kami dan kami.
kami tidak bersalah.
jika sekadar cuba menahan perit dan derita.
demi kau wahai sang juara.
ikhlas dan setia sebagai pinangan.
namun pandangan mu enteng bak murahan.
adil kah adil kah adil kah?
segala yang kau baktikan semula?
bukan harta yang di minta.
cukup jika penjelasan yang bernyata.
kemaafan telah ku beri.
dendam dan amarah tiada lah lagi.
kepulangan akan di nanti.
gelanggang bicara bakal ku buka.
sebagai saksi segala bahasa.


ku cuma mengharap agar kau mengerti,
erti penantian yang sering menghantui,
tidak lah kuat tuk aku mengharungi,
segala persoalan yang kau tinggalkan.
ku perlukan jawapan.
segalanya ku sedar.
segala nya ku yakini.
kuasa tuhan yang memiliki.
seluruh kekuatan dan kelemahan.
Dia lah yang memberi.
kau, wahai engkau,
hubungi kembali.
memberi jawapan kepada entri kosong ini.


mungkin kah tajuk ku di atas kasar bahasanya?
mungkin juga ada yang terasa dek membacanya?
mungkin kah juga ku merasa kepahitan menulisnya?
coretan ku hanya la sekadar pesanan.
buat diriku dan rakan taulan.
cerita ku dahulukan.
kisahnya ku pendekkan.
kesimpulan aku hulurkan.
semoga kau tahu apa yang ku mahukan.
secebis hati kau guris.
segala cacian ku telan.
segala maki aku makan.
pedih, pahit aku rasakan.
tatkala kau menyimpan.
segala yang telah kau mulakan.
tapi kau tinggalkan pengakhiran.
tergantung dek awan.
berkibar tanpa tujuan.
kemanakah pengakhiran?
sentiasa aku nantikan.
berilah aku jawapan.
wahai insan yang pernah menjadi teman.
kau la sahabat handai.
kau la rakan yang bijak pandai.
kau la tempat ku curah segala duka dan lara.
segala gelak dan tawa.
namun harus diingatkan.
detik tawa detik manis
tidak lah berpanjangan.
mungkin kah ini ujian?
atau hukuman?
salah apakah?
dosa manakah?
aku serahkan pada tuhan.
akan tetapi kau,
ya, engkau.
engkau yang menyimpan segala lukisan.
lukisan di akhir kisah ini.
akan tetapi kau hilang.
membawa diri.
bukan ini yang di pinta.
seksa terasa amat lah tidak wajar.
kau ku cari.
hingga kaki mencecah duri.
namun bayangmu sentiasa dikaburi.
haruskah aku terus berdiri menanti?
sedarlah wahai kau insan yang lari,
kita pasti berjumpa suatu hari nanti,
di medan keadilan,
bukan semua yang ku pinta.
cuma secebis kata.
penjelasan dan kemaafan.
aku masih tegak berdiri.
di sini.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


you know sometimes silent scream won't work out anything. Its okay to silence urself but when it comes to the heart matters, silent won't just be the solution. Running away from everything is coward. Its not that u're moving on ur life. Moving on ur life means that u're still observing ur past in a way that u're walking forward. by keeping urself silence and running away will just make u hurt ur surroundings and so do ur past. perhaps interrupting ur new life. i just hope u know. God bless.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Aha. okay saje je nak buat tajuk post mcm tu. Actually nak ckp 'clueless'. haha. Okay nothing much. Just tak faham kenapa kena berkasar bila kita bole buat cara elok? Errr. simple. i got the answer. for the mistake that happened, the WISE one will admit it and learn, the INSECURE will deny it, the FOOLISH will repeat it, and the GODLY forgive. :)

p/s: dont play harsh k. cz once i'm in. too bad.


Baby, i just wanna thanked you so much for being with me. Thank you so much for being such an understanding person during my hard time. Thank you for the ears and thanks for the shoulders. I love you so muchie muchie my lil munchkin! you'll be paid for that k :D i love you a lot k baby.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last saturday was our day :) kan b kan? hehe. nothing much cz went to Damai beach resort, kuching. with some other frens too. our activities are so called " sambil menyelam minum air". okay, sape yg tak faham, we did two different things at a time. the beach was so wonderful and so do the swimming pool. hee. :D really had a great time with all the members. :) and i love you so much!


hey baby. i miss you little heart. Those days we had a great moments and times. but now we're just too busy with our days. Sorry won't redeem it. But in anyway it will be, i believed there will be a time for us. right baby? :) I have faith for it baby. Anyway baby, i just wanna appologize to you for keep calling you so many times. I know you dislike the attitude but i'm so in need to get to you. I'm sorry baby. Really i am. I just want you to know i didn't mean to. And if it is not bcz of something that really matters, then i wont baby. I really wont. Sorry baby/ my bad. I just want you to know that i really miss you and i wanna have more time talking to you cz i just have plenty of pages to be storied to you. Take care baby. I'm kinda sick and i am so tired. XoXo. Love you a lot sweetheart!

p/s: baby, i risaukan u. u're sick dah lama dah, even it is just the mouth part. hurm.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never Put Hopes.

I want to have it so badly for my last birthday present. But too bad, ain't getting any. It may look simple to you guys but i'm falling for it so much. Too many things to be consider. Hey little watch, can you please wait till i go and get you. Oh miracle, please happen!!