Tuesday, December 30, 2008


hey there..sori lame tak update this blog..bz with some stuff..haha..anyway..on 25th of dec ..my family n i went 4 one day vacation..haha..athirah(my sis)bising gle asking my dad peg sungkai,perak..since she is my dad's gurllzz..so my dad pun ckp" ok esk kite peg.."em ape lag..suka la yang lain..as 4 me..i just pack ape yg patut n tlg my mom prepare foods 4 tomorrow..haha..so we went there..sume pun ikut..termasukla my maid..eh sori..our maid..hehe..sampai je kat sana..pak guard 2 ckp tempat dah penuh..kena lalu sebelah sana..em peg awal pag pun tempat dah penuh..dasyat2..hak3..so my dad pun buat 360 u-turn n in 10 mins we reached there..sampai kat sana..aiman n aleeya terus xcited.."nak swim..nak swim..jom la swim.."ramai gle orang dtg..n dad cepat2 beli tiket n ask us peg dulu..tempat dia besar gle..mcm2 ade ..hotspring n pool..tap malangnye..hujan turun dengan tiba2..pelik kan..n i terus doa..cz orang kata kalo hujan turun ngan tiba2..doa mustajab..hehe..em ok back 2 d story..tempat dia is un describable..best gle..nasib baik best tra..kalo x..kena ko..hehe..em then the wet session pun bermula..aleeya n aiman was having fun n joys 4 bout 5 hours..aiman sampai biru muka n badan dia..dahla x breakfast..cz xcited sangat..hak3..em then lepas 2 kitaorang peg hot spring dia..ade mcm2 jenis..ade yg 4 treatment ,4 family n stuff..with different temperature..i tried the one with 50-60 degrees..at first memang panas gle..then ok dah la..
best..it was so relaxing..that some of the people fall asleep..heheem at 3.30 we pack back..singgah kat surau 2 perform our prayers..n mkn time..mknan sume habis..hehe..then we went back..sume pun dah penat n sume pn tdo..xcept me..dunno why..haha..em then we dad singgah kat seremban untuk mkn..then we all yg perut kosong pun mkn..aiman n aleeya tdo dlm kereta..cian..penat sgt kot..hehe..so thats all bout the "jalan-jalan" story..jumpa lag!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


love is:
-When u feel lonely without the one that u hate the most.
-When u don't realize that u're actually acting ackward.
-When u're supper happy when u are with him/her.
-When u hurt him/her the most.
-when u can't even forget him/her even if u hav tried millions times
-When u're willing to let him/her go away with the fact that u love him/her so much.
-When u can except him/her in every aspects.
-When u believe that he/she is ur destiny someday..somehow.
-when u 're happy to c him/her happy and vise versa.
-when u don't find something in someone else but u see everything in him/her.
-when u care for him/her no matter what happens.
-When u're willing to lead him/her to success.
-When u find there's a lot of confusion occurs between u both.
-When u don't realize that u're actually can't live without him/her.
-When u don't give up on her/him even a second.
-When u're willing to tell him/her the truth although its kinda hard n the worst part is it hurts a lot.
-When he/she became the most important thing to u..

Thursday, December 18, 2008


i wonder what are or maybe is my flavour of life..do u ever think of it..all the memories that we had sice childhood till now,what do u think the flavour would be??after an advance research..i finally got an idea of it..i would say my flavour of life are sweet and sour..and a normal person would have that as their flvour of life and if one does no t have it ..it would be a though life for them..one should hav a sweet taste of their life to cherish them up and upgrade their confidence level in their upcoming life..would it be tougher or vise versa..one should also had sour time for them to be alert about themselves..for them to know at which stage are they now..are they nearer to their vision or its getting far away..a little bit of a sour taste would cause u to collapse in a second ..but it promise u a better way of life if u try harder to get up..so u see..they are the flavour of our life..sometimes we lose for what we desire and most of the time we're in desperate state that makes our little time being ruin.. but as long as u can see the right path..u'll never backdown..sometimes we just don't realize for what we have done and sometimes we just don't know for what we must done.. so what's ur flavour of life??:)

Friday, December 5, 2008


hey there ..the last two days my sis n i went to watch twilight with our cousins at mid valley..the movie was great!awesome great!!awesome!hehe..well edward n his family are so adorable..hehe..we had a very great time there..as it been quite a long time i didn't went 4 movies n stuff cz of the pre-future war:SPM..life disaster..hehe..the best part was when we are deciding the place to fill in the hungry stomach..hehe..there were sooooo many people that w e can't even step into any restaurant..and we had to make a few rounds ..finally, we ate at the restaurant that we had never been before..the food was so yummy!!so the day of the trip.hehe.. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

the mysterious WHY

hmm hye buddy..i'm writting this cz i dun get to go to sleep..i planned to dream of my boy but now i can't sleep without knowing why..so i went to washed my face and take out my laptop..at the same time i'm thinking 4 d answer or maybe answers..huh..dahla esok kna bgn pag..nak peg kl jln2 tenagkan fikiran..haha..em still thinking what to do bsides blogging..know what???i never feel this way..i meant dah lame dah tak rase mcm nie..the best part is i hate to feel like this..it hurts a lot..hurmmm..kalau la awak ader Fad..mesti sume ni takkan terjadi..really miss u..aaaarrrggh..(pls don't ask who is Fad)how do u feel when someone beside u when missing leaving empty signs..where would u find him or her..rite lets not talk about it..oh yeah today i dunno why all the "WHY"seems to be the top question..hurmm today the refrigerator,tv,car and others stuff broke down..and my dad quickly get a new one 4 each of them except 4 the car..hehe..he finally bought
a LCD tv..and that makes us great..and u do know that when one is being changed,mostly everything are to be change..so my mom speaks this out.."there's a lot more to be changed:sofa,tables,chairs and rooms.."everyone did a very good turning towards her and a crowd lough is heard..haha..well this is my house attitude..lol..and also today both my younger sis and bro did a very good job..dunno why in a big sudden they took a cloth and wet it and wipe all over the house..hurmmm..so u c today which is friday seems to turn into the WHY DAY..HAK3

Thursday, November 27, 2008

chemistry memories.

a whole new life..

Today i just started a whole new life..yeah a new life..feel like just woke up from a death..hehe..what i meant is i just end my pre-war..that is SPM..feel really great!!once we finished our last paper that is EST we were all shouting like hell..and continue with the gathering while i'm in a rush so i go back early..there's an emergency actually..sadly,my plan doesn't really happened..i decided to meet my special 'friend'but things turn out wrongly..its being mutated..hehe..well i went back and tried to text him and there's no response..maybe he's running out of credits..so never mind..and here goes my new life..rite g2g..will be updated soon..c ya!!