Sunday, July 19, 2009


everybody is after me..but the only one i want is YOU.yes, i want YOU!!


since i'm having a term break for two weeks so i guess i'll be having a few hours just for myself as i've spent most of it for others..hehe..well i just hope that everything is smoothly done..few things to be done within this two weeks..

  • Buy a new phone since the one i'm using going to be dead soon.haha..sorry didnt mean to.i'd takecare of u but it seems that u're no longer belong to me..sorry lil in peace ok..haha..the process would be late as my dad dont really agree to buy for he said"no,not at the moment.i'm v busy" yes dad.."busy"..i dont mind pun cz u're answer is usual..haha..but to buy a new one is a must! shall discuss wit mom..
  • prepare something to get side income.i plan to teach people mengaji or mayb kpd budak2 yang memerlukan bantuan perkhidmatan pembelajaran sahaja dan bukan pengajaran silalah ke kaunter saya..hehe..
  • to get my assignment done.this one is a tough one cz for this job ..we need to do animation project..yes,kalo suruh buat kartun then i dont mind..but what i need to do is to transform a few samples of virus into an animation..hurm need to install the software n be done!!-full of craps-
  • to do an advance that when the time comess it would be a revision for me..bijak tak saya??haha..sangat we all know pre-U is the toughest process for the nxt one..u shall struggle so that u'll be easy when u're in U later..bak kata "semua orang" xtau la betul ke every night study..but for maths will hav to think first..hahaha..yang penting bio n chem i shall get it done!!
  • to settle everything that need to be settle.(private and confidential)
  • to help my mom as much as i can.."dear mom,i can see the pain in ur eyes..but stay cool..i'll try my best ok.." "chill..chill" hehe..n she did ask me to create a wishing card for her student..5 was my ex-clas..sangat "rock" ..haha."will do mom :) "
  • to wash my car everyday..haha..yes.. setiap hari..ini kerana mereka2 telah mengotorkan kreta sayang saya..:( sangat kesian.. :( takpe2 cik kereta lepas nie saya cantik2 kan awak ok..setiap hari.. :)
  • to get myself motivated enough..i need to find all the strength back..i need to find all the confidence i had before..i need to find all the patience i had before for the unexpected contingency.".dear god..return me my strenght that i had before..dear god,alwiz keep me in ur me from everything that could harm me."
  • last but not least is to spent more time wit u..yes, u my someone..n my everything..will try my best ok.. :)
so..pls pray that i can get all the stuff done within this two weeks..thank you for all ur support..whatever it is i'll try my best to strive for the perfection..yeah..insyaAllah..i believe that HE knows the best for my life..

Friday, July 17, 2009

today would be yesterday and tomorrow will be today.

today..we stand up here..
leaving the life to the maximum..
tomorrow..we may need to secure..
the right choice of the column..

today..we endeavour in finding something..
grabbing all the possible chance we could ever had..
tomorrow..we may need to search anything..
just to make us feel glad..

today..we run for the truth..
leaving all the others behind or away..
tomorrow..we may need to walk in between..
aiming from being astray..

today..we're fed with desires..
and without any contradiction ..we act towards it..
tomorrow..we may need to keep some..
to strive for the perfection of others..