Friday, May 29, 2009


i had never gone through any nightmare..yes..this a fact of my thing that i alwiz appreciate..thanked to god.. that i've been sleep well evry night..alhamdulillah..n i alwiz wonder the feelings of heaving a bad dream or so called's the feeling an d stuff..untill i get my whole new life..yeah..'matrics life.' one night..actually bukan mlm pun..mase 2 tertido waktu maghrib for like one hour je..sebab selalu sgt fikir psl bad dream yg org lain lalui..on that day itself..i had mine..its undescribable..seriously..memang teruk gile mimpi 2..when i woke up..i was kinda stunned to recall evrything back..but seriously..i pray that i wont go through it again..pls..hurmm lame jugak la duduk berfikir mengimbas kembali mimpi buruk 2..terlalu buruk sampai x nampak apa2..haih..the worst part is evrytime i tried to recall makes me feel scary gile2..takut gle..sampai fobia nk tengok katil n fobia nak tdo..whenever i lay down on the bed..i'll feel like sitting on d scary machine that give u all the shock n fierce..tak kelakar ok..believe it or not but i cried 4 like a few times la..sebab terlalu takut..sgt2 takut..n now evry nite will b the moment that i cant face through walaupun terpaksa..bila mlm je parkinson akan dtg menyerang..haha..but anyway thanks to YOU who tried to make me feel relieved..u'd help me a lot..thank you v much..n everyday i pray hard that evrything will be fine.. :(

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today just came back from the terrible life there..haha..4 ur information i'm now away to matriculation at kuala pilah,negeri sembilan disebabkan tidak mendapat mane2 tawaran terpaksalah menetap dan memilih matrikulasi sebagai pusat perkembangan minda yh kedua setelah menamatkan SPM..hehe..mcm biasalah..the 1st week was d orientation was really sucks!! believe it or not..sepanjang 18 tahun saya hidup..n this is my 1st like kinda not get use 2 it n i find it miserable n v v v terrible..haha..kira hari je bila lah nk balik..haha..sepanjang berada di sana..i keep on worried bout my laptop n my car..haha..seriously..i realized that i cant live without them..haha..but at the same time..keep on reminding myself that this is d fact ..n i hav to go through it 4 one year..haha..xpela..sacrifice to survive..wahaha..but seriously orientation was damn sucks..i didnt participate in any of the acivities..then buat ape??haha..tido la ape lag..hak3..sampai mentor saya ckp.."mira!!ko ni asyik tdo je!!" haha..but one thing i learn...haha..mcm bese la menambahkan koleksi "pengalaman hidup"..hehe..i learned a lot.. :)..hak3..biarlah rahsia..wahaha..n next week..dah mula kuliah..haha..dh xde ucapan.."selamat pagi cikgu" we hav to trained ourselves to greet all the lecturers.. "morning ma'am/sir" haha..will c how la..hak3..owh x sabarnye nk belajar balik..sakit otak..dh keras dh..hahaha..erm so the time has begin..yeah!! haha..will c u guys later..!

Friday, May 8, 2009


TODAY WAS A SAD DAY FOR ME ..from now onwards i had to live without their more cute more adorable actions and no more funny2 things that i can never get from only exist in their far i had never seen the same case happen to growing had to leave them walaupun berat hati nk tinggalkan tamat sudah tempoh perkhidmatan saya sebagai guru tadika..haha...actually my contract is untill end of may..tap disebabkan masalah2 yg tak dapat dielakkan..terpaksalah buat short notice of resignation ..haha..erm i'm soooooooooooooooo gonna miss those kids la..haih..they are soooooooooooooo cute and adorable sgt2.hak3..seriously all their characters makes u feel guilty to scold them and at last u end with laughing together with them..hahahaha..ermm so like today memandangkan last day..i quickly habiskan my last teaching..then snap a few pics 4 d memories..nant kalo stress bole tgk all those pics..terubat cket...haha..but yet i'm happy too bcz i had a new experience in my life..suka sgt buat koleksi "pengalaman hidup' hey bukan senang taw nk dpt pengalaman..i mean like yes evrybody will hav their own xperience..tap bukan sume pengalaman yg kite dpt 2 betul2 might b just a waste one..nk dapat pengalaman hidup sama la mcm kite nk amik xam..kena bace buku..then berani untuk menghadapi segala risiko..then kalo terjatuh semangat untuk bangun balik dan meneruskan strategi untuk berjaya..hahaha..craps.!!hak3..yes i had a v enjoyable moments with them n i gain a lot during my short service..haha..yeah!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


When u had got the title"lepasan spm" there's tooo many to settle down especially bout the UPU stuff..hurmm i thought when we had finished writing the last paper of SPM we could just shout n yelled n enjoy our next life..but things turn out the other way..i lupa yang ade pepatah mengatakan.."semakin kite membesar semakin banyak tanggungjawab yang akan dipikul"haha..ok back to d story..erm while keep proceeding wit my "kerjaya sementara" (hehe) i still think bout what i'm goin to hav 4 my further study..hurmm after 100 times discussion wit mostly my dad ..he finally registered me under the fast track intake of medicine studies..according to Mr.Alex..i'm a fresh student that will face a very tought time ..but my dad bole ckp "owh xpe..she can pick up" and i was like"Ya Allah ayah ingat nie main kutip2 bola ke??" haha..seriously...but nothing i can do selain menurut like Mr.Alex ckp.."its ok if she can pass the xam n u'll get the place.." n my dad terus cakap "ok deal sir" but 4 me.."xam??? what exam??"
and Mr.Alex with his innocent smile said that " its a pre-medic test ..stpm standard"
straight away i was like"huh??stpm??but i didnt learn anything yet ??"
Mr.Alex dengan tenangnye menjawab " long as u memorize all the answers in this 4 books everything will be fine"
i take a look at those books..kinda hard 4 me but i'll try my best la..haih..tap kadang2 rasa mcm tak mampu owh..hurmm but whatever it is..i want it!!c how la..haha..trying to make everything possible ..(",)


Awak selalu teman saya ..Awak selalu ade bersama saya..Awak je yg selalu dengar setiap kata2 hati saya..kan??terima kasih awak..setiap hari kalo saya rasa sedih..kalo saya rasa keseorangan dan bila saya rasa saya perlukan teman..awak selalu ade bersama saya..saya ingat lag bile kite sama-sama nyanyi lagu titanic 2 kan..i played the notes n chords while u give the beats..we spent time like every evening..then mlm2 kalau i feel like i need u ..u'll come n again we spent the whole night together..u alwiz give me ur heart to know everything..terima kasih awak..tap satu hari awak dh tak ade..saya cuba cari..tap awak tak muncul2 pun..saya cari awak merata-rata tap still tak muncul jugak..then bila saya tanye ayah saya..dia ckp awak dh xde..awak kena panah petir..hurmmmmm so sekarang saya xtau nk ckp ngan sape dh..sape nk menyanyi dengan saya..hurmmm xpe awak..saya akan cuba rawat awak ok..ayah kata dia akan dapatkan yg baru tap saya xnak..saya akan cuba rawat awak ok..awak bersabar ye...mungkin mengambil mase yang lame..