Thursday, November 27, 2008

a whole new life..

Today i just started a whole new life..yeah a new life..feel like just woke up from a death..hehe..what i meant is i just end my pre-war..that is SPM..feel really great!!once we finished our last paper that is EST we were all shouting like hell..and continue with the gathering while i'm in a rush so i go back early..there's an emergency actually..sadly,my plan doesn't really happened..i decided to meet my special 'friend'but things turn out wrongly..its being mutated..hehe..well i went back and tried to text him and there's no response..maybe he's running out of never mind..and here goes my new life..rite g2g..will be updated soon..c ya!!

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amirah aqilah said...

guess i did the best..hehe