Saturday, June 20, 2009


The only person who can make women cries..
day and night..
seeking for the true love..
is him.

The only person who can make women sigh..
throughout all the days..
hoping for the best..
is him.

The only person who can grab everything..
but impossible to give something..
to the seekers..
is him.

The only person who can create anything..
but impossible to explain something..
even for a single question..
makes the people wonder why..
is him.

The only person who have everything..
but fail to give something..
is also him.

The person who works each and every day..
trying to performing his best..
for the sake of life or maybe lifessss..
is also him.

Its undescribable..its unpredictable..
the actions n all the scenes..
but i'll constantly pray..
to the Almighty..
may u have the wonderful thinking..
to see the truth..
to observe the circles..
to determine the way or maybe ways..
to strive for the perfection..
to run through the history or maybe histories..
to walk through the right ones..
to hold the faith..
and to stand with the unconditional love..
for us..for us..and only us..
i'll pray for the day..
will alwiz..n alwiz..

*happy father's day*

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