Monday, July 19, 2010


hey there people. its been so long that i didn't call u guys up for my bad, sad, worst, big,small,happy,worth and so so on stories. haha. its not that i had demise.(people often say that to me when i'm off) i'm just getting more busy with a lot of so called stuffssssss. haha. well, right after finished my matrics which has caused me a trouble life maker, such a disaster to me yeah, i can sya that. haha. i hate matrics. i was suppose to achieve more than i can but too bad i didnt. haha. amik kau. tu la. orang dh ckp, ikhlaskan diri . bila kita tak ikhlas nak terima sesuatu benda , then it will reflect to us back.haha. anyway, perkara pn dah lepas. haha. result pn dah dpat and keputusan berada dlm sampul surat yang berwarna coklat dan sangatlah buruk. haha. ramai yang dtg dekat saya tanya " hye, buat pe je cutu nie? dh dpt tempat kat ipta ke? apply apa?" bole dikatakan semua yang dijumpai semua akan mengajukan soalan yang sama. at that time rasa mcm nak record je jwpn then evrytime jumpa just click play on. haha. right, so, well, okay, (hahahaha) during the holidays i was involve in a few matters. standard occupation untuk para pra graduan matric akan menempah nama di semua shopping complex or kedai handfon or maybe yang paling banyak MCD . haha. fun to have money yeah !! okay la, i did the same thing to. but i can say that i'm involve in different ways of earning. hehe. John C.Maxwell ckp"if u are about to earn.then make it on your own. or else u will regret later on" i was kinda attracted to the phrase and i was questioning myself about it. just to make it clear.hehe. it means that start a business. haha.(okay sounds mcm nak promote je business i) haha. well, i was doing some education business which benefits a lot. (seriously!) haha. right nothing much to say about the business stuff cz i hate to make it more as people will tag me as "poyo la nak menunjukla" haha. pelik je cz bila kita tak cakap then they will end up saying that we doesnt want to share with them . tapi bila ckp then we'll received those shit form them. haha. and times fly by. i then received an offer letter from UNIMAS . haha. biggy stuff to talk men! haha. it was quite a shocked for me as i didnt apply for the place or even the course itself. haha. okay i was offered a degree course in biotechnology resource with honoured which will make me sit there for 3 yrs. good enough to produce another eye bag. haha. right so i went there on the 3rd july 2010. dengan bangganya saya ingin menyatakan sarawak was nice but unimas is much more "nicer" hahaha. seriously for the whole of my life i never seen such campus. a big campus i must say but the sad thing is that the management and maintanence is sooooo baddddd! haha. rumah mc tongkang pecah. haha. i cant really suits myself there. usually kalo saya dicampak di mana mana bumi pn saya boleh menyesuaikan diri. but this time its so hard foe me . dont know why. haha. and i must say that its an adventurous life staying there. everyday ur life will be like the heart attack patient. surprise news evryday i must say. haha. kdg2, when u're happy on that day bcz u had a late class, then bila bgn, ur roomate will smile to u. we will think taht she's nice but actually she will end up with this dialogue " air tak ada" hahaha. hmmm, so i decide to make a transfer to anyway it may take me as long as i'm near to my hommie. hehe. currently i'm just not ready yet to stay far or going overseas as i wish and as i dream.


Nadine said...

hey u in unimas now? plan nak balik kl eh? which uni in ur mind? anyway, take care ok.

amirah aqilah said...

hye k.nadia. hehe. thnx. yeah . upm insyaAllah :) take care too :) have agood day onwards :)