Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorry & Maaf.

Hi there. Salam to everyone. Its been quite a long time since my blog being silent. So for this entry it would just be a short one. Lately, i received a lot of invitation here and there. A million thanks for all those awesome invitation and sorry that i coudnt attend any of the invitation. Kinda sad, but this urgent case really need my 24hours to settle it down. Hope to see yu guys soon for the next catch up. 

And to my dearest friend, aisa and zye , i'm really sorry that we always had to postponed our meet up. Soryy aisa. Sorry zye. Aku janji once case '2 alam' nie dah settle aku pi jumpa hangpa naa. Sorry sgt sgt. Nak main Ipad pun tak sempat :p Acane? hehe. hurm. This thing is far beyond my power and what i need to do is just pray and forgive the person who did this. semoga Allah bukakkan pintu hati dia and tunjukkan dia jalan yang benar. Amin.
So, kepada zye, aisa dan juga kwn2 yang lain, i'll catch up with you very very soon kay. :) Thanks for everything and sorry if anything. 

see ya ! wasalam.


aisa said...

sokayh babe ! kite paham.

monkeylovesbanana said...

ayoyo, insyAllah, i'll pray for your sisters health and so do your family too okay. :) be strong! which i know you are! HEE

amirah aqilah said...

aisa : thanks dear :) rindu awak taw kay. :D

mariah: thanks a lot dear. :) amin. :) aha. insyaAllah i akan kuatkan semangat lagi. hehe

sekamar rindu said...

singgah folo