Friday, April 6, 2012



Hello. Are you there? I’ve been waiting. A year has really wonder me. A lot. So much.
Hello. Just where are you? I’m still waiting. A year has really got me. Too much.
I guess you’re fine there.
I guess you’re smiling there. Well, of course u did.
Remember the pain you’ve caused?
Remember the hurt you’ve present?
Well, i guess you’re good in fooling people. Of course you do.
Its okay. Its okay. Yeah its really okay.
I don’t hold any grudge. No, i really don’t.
You left everything in a second.
You didn’t leave any notice didn’t you?
You left everyone hanging here.
You didn’t give it a chance didn’t you.
And when you came into your decision, here we come.
Thousands of blame. And its kinda lame.
Too much excuses. And its damn useless.
You never care. You never wanna ask.
You never knew how it feels like to stumbled on.
Its like flying on a dust.
If only you knew, what i really want.
What i really really really want.
Well, you’re gonna say it’s a crap.
I tell you, it is. It really is.
That 5 minutes you owed me.
That 5 minutes. Really matters me.
No, you wont take that step.
No, you wont give any hand.
Cause that 5 minutes,
You’ve burned.



monkeylovesbanana said...

i really really love this one

amirah aqilah said...

aha. thanks babe. its part of the manuscript. need more ideas to finish them up. hoho