Saturday, August 3, 2013


people come and people go..
time flies and time drift away..
but love will always be there.

when it comes to heart, trust me, no one has the key.

ever had enough of picking up the pieces?
ever had enough of fixing things in?

love kills. love hurt. but love, its amazing.

no one would understand ur love story. no one.
even if they hear u. even if they walk u thru.

cz love is the story of two. cz love is 'to be with you'.

what if love end? what if we put a stop?
what happen to the chain? heart drop.

well, love drive u up. well, love also gear u down.
dont be afraid of looking at the ground.
cz love is not always in the air.
cz love is everywhere. everywhere.

ever silent urself? talking to the heart. playing words in ur mind.
ever feel deep? crying all nights. hoping it would never end.

love is always love. love will always be love.

cz when u spent me ur time. i'll spent u my world.

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