Thursday, December 18, 2008


i wonder what are or maybe is my flavour of u ever think of it..all the memories that we had sice childhood till now,what do u think the flavour would be??after an advance research..i finally got an idea of it..i would say my flavour of life are sweet and sour..and a normal person would have that as their flvour of life and if one does no t have it would be a though life for should hav a sweet taste of their life to cherish them up and upgrade their confidence level in their upcoming life..would it be tougher or vise should also had sour time for them to be alert about themselves..for them to know at which stage are they now..are they nearer to their vision or its getting far away..a little bit of a sour taste would cause u to collapse in a second ..but it promise u a better way of life if u try harder to get u see..they are the flavour of our life..sometimes we lose for what we desire and most of the time we're in desperate state that makes our little time being ruin.. but as long as u can see the right path..u'll never backdown..sometimes we just don't realize for what we have done and sometimes we just don't know for what we must done.. so what's ur flavour of life??:)


Anonymous said...

hmmm not bad, yg dkatakn itu adlh betul,i aggre wth u..semua owg ade sour n sweet xnormal lah kalo xde tuh..baek jd aliens je kn..kat2 yg bernas..ayt die seumpama sekuntum bunga yg bkal kembg.sungguh menarik laj..overall ok.

amirah aqilah said...

em thnx aidil..u're d best..haha