Monday, December 22, 2008


love is:
-When u feel lonely without the one that u hate the most.
-When u don't realize that u're actually acting ackward.
-When u're supper happy when u are with him/her.
-When u hurt him/her the most.
-when u can't even forget him/her even if u hav tried millions times
-When u're willing to let him/her go away with the fact that u love him/her so much.
-When u can except him/her in every aspects.
-When u believe that he/she is ur destiny someday..somehow.
-when u 're happy to c him/her happy and vise versa.
-when u don't find something in someone else but u see everything in him/her.
-when u care for him/her no matter what happens.
-When u're willing to lead him/her to success.
-When u find there's a lot of confusion occurs between u both.
-When u don't realize that u're actually can't live without him/her.
-When u don't give up on her/him even a second.
-When u're willing to tell him/her the truth although its kinda hard n the worst part is it hurts a lot.
-When he/she became the most important thing to u..

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