Thursday, June 2, 2011


OMG OMG OMG, i really wanna go for this one. Plus, this sunday there's gonna be garage sale at USJ5. Please please please. Really wanna go for this one. :( Kinda sad cz will not be in subang on that day :( Nak sangat pergi. Huk. Huk. Huk. Oh miracle, please happen baby! I've been invited for so many occation on that day.Plus its gonna be my mom's birthday. huhu. Thanks for the invitations guys. Thanks to Iqeat(zye's boyfie) for the special gig event. Would love to come to but will see how kay. :) Oh garage sale, can u please wait for me till i get back here? Hey empire, can u organize this cool event again, maybe next week? 
garage sale. :)
*hoiiiiii, ko ingat ko sape? sodap je suruh orang buat tu buat nie. arrange sana arrange sini. apa? hang pikiaq hang superstar kah?*

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