Saturday, August 11, 2012

Till Then

At first,
i thought you were my falling stars. My wishing star.
Too bad. It was just too bad.
Mistake. It was a total mistake.
Till i found,
That you were an artist,
Who drew scars.
Scar. Scar.
A lot.  A deep one.
Count the tears. Its countless.
Count the sleepless night. Count the strength less day.
Count... Count...
No, you wont be there. You just wont.
Days have passed by,
And still,
I was awaked  by your lies.
Your lies... Lies...
No, you wont care. You wont.
Cause you’ve take me by loan.
Pay me cash.
End me as your trash.
Till then,
Till then,
Till then.......

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