Friday, May 1, 2009


When u had got the title"lepasan spm" there's tooo many to settle down especially bout the UPU stuff..hurmm i thought when we had finished writing the last paper of SPM we could just shout n yelled n enjoy our next life..but things turn out the other way..i lupa yang ade pepatah mengatakan.."semakin kite membesar semakin banyak tanggungjawab yang akan dipikul"haha..ok back to d story..erm while keep proceeding wit my "kerjaya sementara" (hehe) i still think bout what i'm goin to hav 4 my further study..hurmm after 100 times discussion wit mostly my dad ..he finally registered me under the fast track intake of medicine studies..according to Mr.Alex..i'm a fresh student that will face a very tought time ..but my dad bole ckp "owh xpe..she can pick up" and i was like"Ya Allah ayah ingat nie main kutip2 bola ke??" haha..seriously...but nothing i can do selain menurut like Mr.Alex ckp.."its ok if she can pass the xam n u'll get the place.." n my dad terus cakap "ok deal sir" but 4 me.."xam??? what exam??"
and Mr.Alex with his innocent smile said that " its a pre-medic test ..stpm standard"
straight away i was like"huh??stpm??but i didnt learn anything yet ??"
Mr.Alex dengan tenangnye menjawab " long as u memorize all the answers in this 4 books everything will be fine"
i take a look at those books..kinda hard 4 me but i'll try my best la..haih..tap kadang2 rasa mcm tak mampu owh..hurmm but whatever it is..i want it!!c how la..haha..trying to make everything possible ..(",)

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