Friday, May 29, 2009


i had never gone through any nightmare..yes..this a fact of my thing that i alwiz appreciate..thanked to god.. that i've been sleep well evry night..alhamdulillah..n i alwiz wonder the feelings of heaving a bad dream or so called's the feeling an d stuff..untill i get my whole new life..yeah..'matrics life.' one night..actually bukan mlm pun..mase 2 tertido waktu maghrib for like one hour je..sebab selalu sgt fikir psl bad dream yg org lain lalui..on that day itself..i had mine..its undescribable..seriously..memang teruk gile mimpi 2..when i woke up..i was kinda stunned to recall evrything back..but seriously..i pray that i wont go through it again..pls..hurmm lame jugak la duduk berfikir mengimbas kembali mimpi buruk 2..terlalu buruk sampai x nampak apa2..haih..the worst part is evrytime i tried to recall makes me feel scary gile2..takut gle..sampai fobia nk tengok katil n fobia nak tdo..whenever i lay down on the bed..i'll feel like sitting on d scary machine that give u all the shock n fierce..tak kelakar ok..believe it or not but i cried 4 like a few times la..sebab terlalu takut..sgt2 takut..n now evry nite will b the moment that i cant face through walaupun terpaksa..bila mlm je parkinson akan dtg menyerang..haha..but anyway thanks to YOU who tried to make me feel relieved..u'd help me a lot..thank you v much..n everyday i pray hard that evrything will be fine.. :(

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