Friday, May 20, 2011


cupcakes <3

meet them :)
fiqa :')
Hello guys :) yesterday went to curve with my cupcakes <3. hehe. we had a lot of fun i must say and we enjoy every second after a long time we havent seen each other. Okay, semasa hendak membeli ticket pirates, as we agreed to watch the muvi, suddenly, it turn out to be we got a free tickets from tiz zaqiyah :) for her muvi, Nur Kasih the movie. :) okay memandangkan out ticket is at 3pm, so we decided to received the free tickets and watch Nur Kasih at 12pm. hehe. so i must say we had a lucky day on that day. Thanks to tiz zaqiyah and her fan clubs. not to forget both the movie is awesome! :) thanks to my cupcakes also. and not to forget, thanks a lot to faris and fiqa sebab sudi setuju untuk naik cab pergi sana. i decided not to use my car kalau nak pergi berjalan-jalan. hehe. saja nak membiasakan diri. I'll be needing to make use of it for the benefit during my 4th sem. :) lovessss, thanks so much! :D

p/s: Thanks to faris for the marvellous dinner at his house :') shedap shangat! :')

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