Saturday, May 7, 2011


You make me sick in a lot of ways
Make me smile always
I'm just really into
Having this chase
Kept my eyes open everytime
Falling for you is a crime
We let sparks go off
This time

Oh oh
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Having you
This time

I see it in the steps you take
I hear it in the sounds you make
I'm just really into
Having a taste
Remind me how we got this far
Remind me how we fell apart
Oh I can't give you
That space in my heart

And then we fall asleep.

I'm the one
Whos always in the way
But you got me
Hoping for more more more
I'm here to stay
As though I am always there
As though I had never left

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