Friday, February 6, 2009


ok dont get me wrong k..i just wanna share wit u something..sometimes we are soo happy wit them that we have to let them go someday somehow..and when the day come and u'll start asking.."why??"and some of u might say that why should it happen..its useless and not logic..meaning that we must not love anyone..??nope..that is not what i meant..i mean..yes,kite dah lama sangat hidup dgn dia..n the worst part is we love them sooo first we love them sooo sooo sooo much..n day by day..where we all we reach one stage where each of us cant live without each other..and that is the last stage that we need to prepare ourselves..90% prepared or else we could just be in trouble..u love him/her soo much that u could die 4 him/her..u love him/her soo much that u could nvr except what ever the fact is..come on..this is life..u do know all this rite..i'm sure that all of u must must be pretty sure of it..we cant deby that they are the loved ones and some of u will go crazy after they lost them and thats it..ur life is finished..we need to go through all this bcz this is life..the one who live will deffinitely die..tak kisah la sama ada mereka ini mati dlm mimpi anda atau mati untuk selamanya..tha is the only different..either he/she is gone for a moment or gone forever..we dont know that..just be prepared..kalau la seseorang 2 hilang untuk sementara dan dtg kembali kemudian hari..then it wouldnt be any problem 4 u as u just have to pray hard and live life to the max till u meet him/her..tap mcm mane plak kalo seseorang 2 pergi untuk selamanye??its gonna end half of ur life rite?? is confirm..memang mudah untuk mencari pengganti untuk menggantikan yg sudah pergi tap u must remember that there is a a lot of difference antara menggantikan dan menempatkan seseorang dlm diri dan hati..i'm not simply making words here is a fact!!sometimes we just dun know when is he'her going..either forever or for a moment but sometimes we could know..the worst part is when u dun even realize it n it happened in just a second.."tupp"just like that..damn..sape yg mengalaminye begini mest merupakan seorang yg sgt tabah n kuat..kdg2 kite mesti tertanye kenape mesti ada yg meninggalkan..??u should know that life is once but to live with the given life is a plenty of them..we cant just live in one that is why the almighty god wants us to know that there is many ways in ur life..we will lose someone one day but there will alwiz be someone who will wait and come to u one day later..the only thing is anda yg menentukan sama ada sekadar pengganti atau penetapan yg baru..its ur life.. :)

p/s:fad..thnx 4 d inspiration..

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