Thursday, February 26, 2009



7.40 a.m:

-get up and wash my face n prepare breakfast untuk mereka2 yg masih di buai mimpi ngeri..hehe
-mom went to school 4 PIBG meeting i just cook curry n fried roti canai..(nsb baik akak dh
buat air)(",)

9.00 a.m:

-the two hero n heroin(aiman n aleeya) mandikan diaorang,kasi mkn n they start their
own actvt..wahaha
-while me ..siap2 kan brg2 untuk di bawa ke destinasi kami pd hari ini..haha.


-the journey starts!! yeah!!
-hey penang,here we come!huhu

2.12 p.m:

-stop at sg.perak 4 a short break..hehe

4.30 p.m:

-we are here now..penang!!
-then head to mrsm kepala batas 2 vst my lil bro,afiq.
-aleeya n aiman were very2 excited to see him..besela..haha
-afiq told us about his new life there..from A-z..haha
-about 5 ,we went away to check in the same time afiq need to go 4 a debate i guess that we'll meet him later je la..hehe
-otw to the hotel,dad stop by to get some hot stuff..hehe..guess what??goreng pisang!!haha..
the taste was a lil bit diff but after all it was nice..hehe

6.00 p.m:

-finally we check in at "the pearl view hotel"about 10 km from afiq's place..
-the hotel was not that bad..we didnt expect any special rooms n stuff as we are here 4 one night medum one should be ok rite..hehe
-dad booked 2 rooms...we take a short n get ready ourselves..haha

7.10 p.m:

-went 2 "restoran subaidah" 4 dinner..
-too bad cz i had a problem with my taste buds..this is all bcz of u!!yes, u mr.mucus n mr.s flu
-at 8 we went back 2 hotel..

8.30 p.m:

-dunno what 2 do as we had taken our shower..mkn pn dh..haha
-aiman n arrazi had already starts their special actvt.nplaying ps2 which they brought from

9.08 p.m:

-bcz of the extra bored..athirah suggest to snap some crazi's a crazy one..huhu
-dad went 4 a meeting..hurmm cuti 1 hari pn ade meeting..peg mane2 pn mest nak jumpa
"wanted guest"hehe..he said that business doesnt know what is time..whatever la dad..

9.30 p.m:

-aktiviti gila2 sudah pn selesai..hehe..
-aiman n aji still with the ps2..atirah study sejarah..haha..mlm2 study
nothing bsides writing this lame stuff..haha


8 a.m:

-wake up from the sweet dream.haha.sweet la sgt..
-mandikan aiman n aleeya then get ready.pack brg2 n stuff untuk bertolak balik ke

8.45 a.m:

-mom,dad,aiman,aleeya,aji went 4 breakfast dh..while me n atirah still touch up..wahaha
-then dh siap,turunlah kami ke cafe untuk hidangan pag..
-too much of foodss..i mean delicious food..ontop of our table,there were..nasi lemak,mee goreng,guava juice,pancake,red beans,cake,coffee
-and they also put on a tune..slow tune..mcm nak suruh org tdo balik je..hehe..

10.12 a.m:

-at last,we check out from the hotel..huhu

10.40 a.m:

-peg amik afiq 4 outing..
-since he wants to buy some we went to d mall..


-then bwk peg mkn at nasi kandar pelita..haha
-i dont eat bcz of the mega breakfast just now..hurmm mcm mane la diaorang ni bole lpr cepat sgt..hak3..

1.00 p.m:

-hantar afiq balik hostel..
-while we teruskan perjalanan balik ke selangor tercinta..haha


-we stop at ipoh cz ade kwn ayah nak belanje mkn..
-we meet uncle benny at restoran mee rebus ramli..he said that it was the famous restoran and d food was really yummy2..hehe

about 5.46 p.m:

-kami meneruskan jalan tanpa putus2 lag..hahahaha

so thats all about our trip 2 penang!!haha..short trip with a short memories..wahahahaha..


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hawa mahirah said...

siap tulis schedule skali kat sini.. haha

btw, adik kau cumel gilaaaaaaaa!!