Friday, February 6, 2009


Its been a month since i starts my carrier..haha..temporary carrier..for those who don't know,i'm currently workin wit kids..hehe..yeah,i'm a kindergarten teacher..huhu..i know most of u guys would say.."kids??wow,bestnye.."haha..yes i would say they are just being adorable and i won't deny that workin wit them are soooo sooooo much enjoyable's undescribable!great..awesome.. and stuff..but one word i could say is TOUGH..hehe..although i'm kinda get use to kids as i'm the one who raised up aiman and aleeya(my lil bro n sis) but when the moment i get into there..the whole situation are just different..i thought it would be pretty easier for me but i were wrong..totally wrong..i forgot that different humas have different characters and method to handle..haha..the first two weeks were kinda tough ..i mean a lil bit tough as i'm killing two birds wit one stone..haha..i need to suits myself wit the condition n stuff and i also need to get to know those kids..haha..but it was soooo much of joys n funs..i really love kidss..hahaha..they are cute and sooo adorable..hehe...fad,do u remeber bout the kid stuff??kalau awk ade lag..mest lag best..i really miss u..if only u could know that i'd cried 4 u every nite n day..fad,do u remeber bout d promise???i'm sorry..really sorry ..i should know it earlier..yeah,i'm dumb ok i know that..i miss u..hurmmm ..awk tau tak budak2 2 kan selalu buli saya..haha..em yes..they are soooo cute n brave that they could bully me just like that..hehe..i had nevr get angry wit them that the priciple,ms veelo called me n remind me that this is a school and not a "daycare" or taska n stuff..she said that :"aqilah,u must scold them if they did anything wrong,be firm a bit"i know that but i just couldnt train myself 4 that..i mean if i were 2 do that then i'll need to practice it..heheas time passed..i finally get use to i'm kinda know d situation and not blur and there's a progression woit those kiddos..haha..some of the teachers said that i should just take d child course and open my own kindergarten..haha..they said that i'm soooo suitable wit those kidss.haha..i know but sometime we must sacrifice our interest to learn a new one..(kan fad kan??) i guess that's all about my temporary carrier..hehe..c ya!

p/s:fad,u know...

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