Friday, February 27, 2009


rite as u know today is 27.02.09..haha..well today is actually my birthday!!wahaha..getting old already..muahaha..but nothing i dun really care is just d same..tap dh tua..hahaha..x suka,x suka..hak3..ermm so pag wake n peg keje mcm bese but today was kinda bad day 4 me.huhu..ade prob cket la kat tadika 2..tristen,one of my student..v v v cute but v v v to bit his friend..n the case become even worst when wei kang(my student also)get hurt bcz of him n the worst ever part is when his mother start 2 complain n guess what ..his aunty allso come to support..come on la..u dun hav to annaunce this matter..haha..tap as 4 me..try hard 2 solve the bigggggg prob..haha..n d result is : "RAHSIA"..Hehe..em ok then balik keje..siap2..n hadap laptop..on9 n update some stuff..n also wat keje..huhu..ntah mcm mane ntah bole tertido plak..hehe..nsb baik bell txt ajak kuar..haha..then after asar prayer we went out..first peg coffee bean beli cafe latte' n then bakery's beli bun then peg amik anak buah dia ,haikal,then peg victory beli murtaba then peg mpsj..haha..jumpa syed!!hahaha..bell suka la 2..wahaha..em then around 7 balik lah kami..ahaks!!mlm 2 plak dad did a surprise..haha..he give me a small present but yet it's thnx dad..really like it..wahaha..
here i would like to thnx to:
-Kak shaira
-kak farah
-wan amirah
-kak yan
-some network friends..hehe
for all ur wishes..thnx v v v much..muahaha...n dad,yhnx 4 d DKNY WATCH..Huhu..

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hawa M said...

Salam miqi!

awat aku tatau bday kau?!



well erm, happy belated tho!