Friday, February 20, 2009


ok today was kinda a bored day 4 me..(bukan ari ni je..hehe) although my day was fully packed with worksssszzzssszzz..haha..but i do feel bored sometime..but it was not bcz of those works..i really enjoy doing a lot of works..i dunno why..say me carzy lil bratz but this is the fact of me..hehe..serious shit that i'm fanatic with works..i'm having fun wit it...n i cant wait to sign in into college 4 my further study...people said that when u stepped there..its like being in a prison..less social life(4 certain course la..) n u need to hav ur brain all the time..i mean u need to carry ur heavy brain every second..well i dont mind..i would love,seriously..learning is fun..(4 me) cz 2 me i really like 2 know everything though i can't..haha..but i will try 2 figure it out..nothing is impossibble what..haha..ok back 2 d story..ermmya,bored day..haha..em ok came back from usual,get ready myself n take my lunch..then main2 ngan my lil bro n sis..n dunno why tiba2 dah ade atas katil..wake up..tgk2 dah pukul it happened..i dont hav any idea 4 leats dpt rehat ..hehe..then my mom kata.."qla,peg amik adik ko.."i said "owh..emm""what??"amik athirah????" "yela,xpe..jgn je slowly..." "haha,ok i'll try"hehe..then get ready then start here's come the journey..i was quite nervous when i was driving there..haha..but after all,as my sis says.."fuhh,nasib baik selamat sampai uma.."hahaha..em sharp at 4 ,belum sempat duduk lag,my dad ask us 2 go mydin..beli brg..haha..lagpn esk nak peg beli la pape yg patut..balik kul6 terus call bell..ajak lepak..haha..2 je la keje..hehe..but today we went to MPSJ..bell nak sgt peg sana..tengok buah hat..haha..b4 that we but bun n drinks n head there...borak2..gelak2..n sharing our life stories..haha..em then at 7 balik la kami ke uma that was the story 4!

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bukan nak habaq!!